Monday, July 6, 2009

Scary bikers

Well here we are, yesterday was a beauty day and we sported our leathers and took off to the Trenton Air show. As you can see in the background, as JB took the pic he "had" to fit the bike in.
The air show has not been to Trenton in almost 10 years and they finally decided to do one.
It was rather interesting this year, seemed to be a lot of delays in the air maneuvers but we had a very neat area that we parked ourselves to watch it. We were settled on a road at the end of the runway. This road is a residential area but there are stretches where there are no houses. We were in fine company with other bikers so it was quite enjoyable. It amazes me the "brotherhood" that is amongst the bikers, JB left me for a bit in amongst all these bikes and before I knew it the owners came to sit on their bikes which were parked in a nice shady area and it was like I was surrounded by a group to protect me. I haven't once felt intimidated by them. Most bikers are everyday individuals that enjoy to ride the open air blowing in your face, bugs bouncing off your face in the wind, ouchie, and just enjoying that rumble under your butt. Yeah I know sounds sick doesn't it? Well to those who have never ridden, go for a ride on one and I can guarantee you will enjoy it.
I am still waiting to hear on word of my brother's angiogram and whether they had to do a angioplasty so I won't be here long.
Have a great day everyone and be good to one another.


  1. Do you friends know what "pussycats" you really are. Scary my eye!

  2. oh I'm scared.....ya right! lol Great picture of the two of you. :)

  3. lol.. yeah. great pic..sounds like a great day..


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