Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day

Happy Canada Day

Today is our Canada Day and we are just having a quiet time at home. Our capital Ottawa has a big celebration which is being broadcasted on TV. If I know JB as well I do there might be some noise makers going off later this evening. He is a kid in an adult body, but, aren't most men? Last night he lit a firecracker and the noise of it scared Rosie and she ran to the front of the house and got in behind the front cement steps. Trying to get her out of there for a while was a challenge. Poor kitty.
Anyways for those of you celebrating today, drink responsibly and keep the car keys out of your hands. Play safe and be a Proud Canadian.
For our troops overseas, God bless you and thank you for keeping our country safe and for the danger you put yourselves in each and every day.

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