Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Movie Star inchies

Hi everyone, first of all thank you for all the prayers and well wishes concerning my brother. He is home now and has to stay off work for 2 weeks. He is not one to stay still too long but after this episode I think it was a reality check at the 10th degree. He is really tired and just going to take it easy and let his body heal. Lil sis will be checking up on him regularly.

Well here are my 10 movie star inchies that I have made for the July inchie swap at Addicted to Inchies
these actors and actresses are some of my favs. Of course Clint is the most charming and sexy of them all, that rough beard, soft talk, fiery eyes. Ok enough said about him, makes one a little frisky.... Our hostess will gather all the inchies from everyone that wants to be in the swap then she will put them all in a bowl or somehow mix them up then give 10 back to each of us. Depending on how many are involved in the swap depends on how many of your own inchies you may get back, which really doesn't matter to me, I like all of them.
Each inchie has a star somewhere on the square, either behind the actor or in front. Some of them even have a real negative film strip on it. I knew I didn't throw things away for a reason, you never can tell when you need scraps and bits.
That's it for today.

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