Friday, July 10, 2009

Framed inchies and fused plastic

Hello my fellow bloggers, well today I have some things to show you. I had a brainfart the other day while making inchies and I decided to get some paper punches out and play, well I made inchie frames. Ohhhh aren't they nice? I couldn't stop making them, one turned into 2 then 3 and before I knew it I had a pile of them. The ones here are mostly black but I have others punched, I just think these little gems look so nice framed and I have yet to see any out there, well someone probably has them just I haven't seen any. I have various backgrounds I do as well, watercolours, Twinkling H20's, emboss resist, packing tape transfer on the feet inchies, rain drops made out of glue stick glue, and a few more of my trademark secrets.

And here is this amazing piece of art called, fused plastic. In case you are not familiar and I was not until the other day when Jen posted hers and showed us and said it was made from recycled plastic shopping bags. HUH??? well I couldn't wait for her to do the tutorial and another girl Tammy said she found a blog with it on there. So I cut up plastic shopping bags, heated with an iron, and this fused all the plastic together. I then sprayed a clear acrylic spray on it so the acrylic paint had a tooth surface to stick to. Then I proceeded to paint, stamp, then stitched this all on my machine with black zigzag stitching. Wow, I have 2 more that I made for an art journal I am working on.
Well Jen, thanks for the idea, I couldn't wait, I am a stinker that way. Mother told me I was impatient and you know what, she was right!

1 comment:

  1. oh oh oh, i love your framed inchies, so pretty.

    ,...and miss impatience, love your fused plastic, such loverly colors les. What ya going to use it for? jenxo


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