Monday, September 21, 2009 I a ditz or what

I just tried to upload a new background and just about lost everything. As you can see everything is now on the left that was on the right. I have a logo behind the current one at the top left behind Shabby blogs. Oh my I need help but no more fidgeting tonight. I just about lost all my blog lists, links, followers, all 15 of you.
Argh....I did read instructions but somehow I still managed to screw things up so I think I will leave things as is till another time. I found a great crow background but I feel like crowing now....
Good night all.


  1. aargh no les,i dont think youll be able to retrieve you blog lists etc......good luck with it...jenxo

  2. OMG Les, what have you been up to!
    Hope you get it sorted..
    Good Luck!!

    Jan x

  3. I saw your logo yesterday Les but now it's gone. I'm glad you didn't lose everything.


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