Sunday, September 20, 2009

A beautiful fall day

Today we took it easy and decided it was a good day to ride the ole Harley and see the fall colours. It was quite brisk and going 100 km/hr (60 mi/hr) it was quite chilly but the sun on our faces it was beautiful. We headed north to a town that sees lots of bikes, Stirling, which is a vast farmland area, rolling hills and some twisty roads. The leaves were not that colourful yet to our disappointment but there were some areas that were starting to show signs of red and orangey yellows. We continued on to Campebellford, a quaint little town with seems like a lot of traffic for a town it's size and then we just drove wherever the roads took us and of course John's vast knowledge of a truck driver's roadmap. Me if I were driving I could get lost in a paperbag so I have no sense of direction at the best of times, I would probably end up at the other side of Ontario. LOL
I have been busy painting items this past week for my upcoming show in November so I will be posting some pics tomorrow.
This was a good day and a restful day, I hope you had a good one as well.
God bless you all.


  1. nice to get out and blow away the cobwebs....november is creeping up quickly too...jenxo

  2. Mitch and I went riding too yesterday it was a beautiful day and like you I have no sense of direction either LOL.


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