Monday, September 21, 2009

The Paints a-fly'n

As promised in yesterdays post I have some items I have painted from last week to show you. Below is another painting on paper and thought this was a cute snowman who looks like he is singing his heart out. The background is music from a hymnal that I applied to the wood, sealed it on well then painted my design.

Below is a couple of candle mats or just holiday mats for a table or hutch. The mats are cut from scrap vinyl flooring and painted on the back. These are really good sellers for me, I didn't do any last year so thought I would re-introduce them again this year. The snowmen are actually stencils but Laurie Speltz, for some reason something that should have been quick using stencils too me almost 2 hours to do one, once I got the gist of colours and placement the 2nd one didn't take me nearly as long thank goodness or I wouln't bother selling them. You never make back your time when you sell.
And here is another little tea pot, barely 1 cup size but it was so cute I bought it for less than a dollar and the gingers fit nicely on here. Can you tell I like these Katrina Roncin gingers??? I added the little tea lite, seems to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

And here are more candle mates. The top one is actually a pattern my good friend Cathy gave me when I visited her in Pennsylvania this spring. Cathy is an amazing painter and spins circles around you like no tomorrow. This is one of Cathy's own patterns and I have adapted it slightly for this mat, which is the size of a dinner plate. Cathy would be so proud of me doing much more wet on wet blending than I have done in the past and what a time saver. You can see my trees very well but very out of practise with the deerfoot brush I manages to get my trees done and not to shabby if I may say so.
Today I painted a paper towel holder, again another bargain find. It was stained wood and had this back panel with a piece of wall paper on it. Kind of needed some TLC so tomorrow after I put it back together I will show you the transformation it got.
Well thank you for looking and visiting.


  1. Les, everything looks wonderful. Boy the paint "is " really flying at your house.

  2. You've been really busy Les. Everything looks fantastic as usual. I'm off to cuddle on the couch =)

  3. Very the mats. What are they made of? They are just darling. You are so creative. :) Have a great week.

  4. you ar going to have some great sellers...jenxo

  5. Wow Les, you have been busy :)
    Fantastic creations!!
    I just love your singing snowman ornie!
    Jan x

  6. Everything looks so nice, Les. I love all of your mats. I should do some more of those houses on some things. Thanks for your nice words!


  7. Everything looks great les. I love the little tea pot! Katrina's gingers seems to fit so well with them!

  8. These are such wonderful pieces - my faves are the teapot and the Snowman hanging from the tree. Do you sell these???

  9. Thank you everyone.
    Fiona, I do a fall craft show, well it is more like a big pre Christmas show. I have done this for years now I have lost count.

  10. Just getting around to reading more of your blog.....I'm going backwards.....story of my life sometimes!!!!
    Love the mats!


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