Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Meet Tom Ato

I know what you are all thining, boy she has wayyyy too much time on her hands. Well this poor fella Tom Ato first appeared in the garden, he wasn't looking very well, sort of on the greenish yellowish side, you know that look when someone has too much to drink. Well after a few days he started looking and feeling better, he started turning a sort of yellow with a hint of pinkish red, and now a true sun ripened red, apparently his normal colour. So now here is Tom Ato, quite a visitor to my blog of late, you never know where he might land, perhaps on the dinner plate. Oooops did I say that out loud?

Now on the creative side of things, here is a matchbox inchie swap I just finished up and will be out the door in another day or so. You can't see the box very well here but the paper around it is actually painted paper towel, much like the mermaids in my post below, then I added this nice scroll border with glitter on it and the inchie is actually a piece of what looks like wicker, wall paper and the butterfly attached. This is for JoAnne over at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/addictedtoinchies/ . I don't think JoAnne visits my blog but if she does, it is on its way before the end of the week. I have also crammed in some inchie inspiration for her to create some of her own. We all need more stuff to create with, don't we?? I know I do.
Here are some cat inchies I finished up the other night. The top middle is Rosie's eye. She has the prettiest face, well I think she does. This swap is also an Addicted to Inchie swap, we make 10 inchies and then everyone who joins makes 10 then our swap hostess, Becky, throws them in a bowl, picks a name then starts selecting 10 inchies, all different members in most cases and we get 10 back. I love cats so this was a great theme.

And also the theme I picked for this month because I won last months Addicted to Inchies swap, By the Sea, I picked fall. I got these nice leaf shape brads at one of our local dollar stores, I took cream coloured cardstock, and along just the edges I layed some pastel colours, orange, reds, greens and then smudged them with my fingers blending the colours. The one of the far left looks more pink here but it is a more red colour, this one I also put an eyelet and threaded some glittery fiber. I wonder who will win this month? I get to choose so we will have to wait and see.

Last but not least, I finished this small tea pot this morning. It is for my fall craft show I do every year in Stirling. I have been buying my tea pots at thrifty kind of stores, you can get some good buys. I put a little flicker battery operated tea lite at the top which will be included. I have to make a tag to tie to the handle that reads " Come sit with me and drink Ginger tea".
This is a Katrina Roncin design, I loved her gingers. Too bad she doesn't publish or design anymore. Such a talented painter.
Well more painting to do. I am on a real tight schedule now.
Tom Ato and I would like to say thanks for visiting my blog today.


  1. LOL I like your post and Tom Ato. LOL You must have to work with tweezers on inchies. Geez. Love the little gingerbread pot. Awesome.

  2. lol, funny girl, .... love the inchies....

  3. LOL at Mr Tom Ato!!!! :)
    Your inchies and inchie altered matchbox are Great!! You can sure cram alot of goodies inside such a lil' matchbox!!
    Oh, and your 'ginger' teapot is Awesome!!!

  4. EVerything looks great, Les. Those little inchies are amazing! How intricate! Love that little tomato. You are a little creative whiz!


  5. I love your inchies!! Especially the cats ones!


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