Monday, September 7, 2009

Labour Day greetings

Hope everyone had a nice long weekend. Us, well, we were busy with a big pile of wood. JB and I split wood. I was the lever girl, I managed the lever while JB put the wood on and did all the lifting and stacking. It's nice to be lever girl, you must be very safety conscience tho. Don't want to move that blade while hands are busy manipulating that wood a certain way.
No one was injured or died during this episode. LOL
In the evenings I was kept busy preparing some backgrounds I am doing for a background swap in our group. This involves making a background and then explaining the procedure to make it. We will all get a neat little book when finished by our swap hostess, Jen at, we have a good group of 17 signed up for backgrounds. This is always a great way to share ideas and techniques and oh how I love techniques.
We had some more goodies from the garden, tomatoes are really coming on now, we have had a feed of red potatoes and soon the squash will be ready. As far as we can tell we also have pumpkins that we did not plant and last count we have around 17. So looks like someone will be trying to make pie or carving or something. We don't really do Hallowe'en here, living in the country over the years as the kids get older they either don't go out or go into town to the malls or more populated areas. I just don't do the weenie, but somehow I am made to buy the candy, and since I can't eat it guess who does? and it isn't Rosie the cat. =^..^=
In my next posts I will have some pics to share. This is just a rambling again of a busy weekend and tomorrow we will be gathering more wood that a kind neighbour said we could have since she is getting a pellet stove. So while we have the splitter we will use it while we can. More hands make light work so help each other and get that job done sooner than later.
Till next time, adios amgios.


  1. hey amigo, good to get that stockpile of wood, with your winters you will need it :]

    have just passed an award onto you, no obligation of course! jenxo

  2. Oh Jen, thank you so much Sistah, wow I just posted this and you commented. How quick was that??? xo


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