Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Painted wooden puzzles

Man what a busy last few days and not very productive but spending time with family and a day doing groceries and running around town (to browse the shops) has put me a bit behind and time is now ticking, am I complaining? no time with family is very important to me and well worth every minute especially with my SIL.
I spent yesterday with my SIL Penny, she is a watercolour artist and a very good drawer. Check out her website to view her work, I am sure Penny won't mind me giving her a bit of a plug here  Penny wanted to buy a laptop so we spent the morning chatting, did lunch, then went to the last computer store she hadn't been in yet. She saved a bunch of money on taxes because the computer store is on the Mohawk Reservation south of my house, a few miles away. Today I did the grocery thing, what a waste of money...all down the toilet as far as I am concerned. If you really think about it..and I do occasionally, money well wasted???? Hmmmm I could find lots to do with that money...
On to a lighter are my puzzles I told you about. These are wooden kids puzzles, nicely laid inside a little wooden frame. I was going to take the puzzles out and then paint something on the back panel and then paint the frame part but I had a brainfart and decided to try one puzzle and see how it goes.
Well here they are, I did 2 puzzles on the Peace on Earth and 1 puzzle and one without the puzzle pieces (because I think I used the pieces on altered art or something) for Oh Holy Night,  but it looked ok as well.
These are both Kim Klassen DeSigns and I loved how they turned out. When I showed them to Penny she suggested they would look nice in a picture frame holder so I wanted to see how they would look and I think I will leave them as is and not bother drilling holes in them to hang with homespun. What do you all think?
I ventured to the dollarstore today and found some more, these are pre printed for kids to basically fill in their own colours, me being the person that I am had to venture out and do my own thing. I think a few with just snowman scenes on them would be cute too.
Well I must get cracking, the end of October will come soon enough and more paint to fly, wood to cut out and things to package up.
Thank you for looking.


  1. I love them Les. You did a fantastic job!!!

  2. hey Lesley!! wow.....awesome idea! you always come up with such great surfaces! :)

  3. I love those ,great idea!!! I too am a big fan of Kim Klassen....thanks for stopping by to visit me....I too am doing a big show at the end of the month....panic is setting in.....!


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