Friday, August 10, 2012

I'm still here

Hello everyone.
I took a bit of a blog break and got some things done and took some time to visit other blogs which I had neglected while doing my challenges, so please forgive me for my absence.
I am also slowly and I mean slowly starting to paint for the fall. I have got a few things to show you and a couple things I made for myself. I don't generally take any time to make something for "me" but viewing Pinterest lately I thought if I am pinning all this stuff why not put it to good use.

So firstly I will show you what I have been painting. Seems rather fitting since during the month of July everyone was doing a Christmas in July theme as I blogged around. Little did all you know I had the paint flying and brushes just a moving. 
Here are a couple dollar store signs with chains I bought and painted a  couple different snowmen things on them, I have more to paint. I don't generally do more than a couple of one thing, it makes it look like you are buying the only one of this type of item. I don't mass produce larger items like these.

This is a Monika Brint pattern, new this year. It just caught my eye. 
I had to tilt some of my items because it is dreary today and to get the right lighting and no shadows I had to tilt so the shadow would not appear. 
 This is a Renee Mullins design, it was really designed for a window,  the frame in front and it looked like you were peeking out the window ,but, I didn't have any of those and I just thought this would be cute to hang on a wall over the holidays and even over winter. Snowmen live year round in some areas!!!!
 Years ago I painted soaps and the last couple of years I didn't do any. They are quick, easy and very affordable. They usually fly off my table. I have to seal them still but will do that when I get more done. You can even use these soaps and the painting will stay on them til you are done. Most peeps just put them in dishes in their BR over the holidays. The Snow on the bar to the left I put a bit of Stickles to make it sparkle,
and, you can never have enough cats in the house...can you???
 And this....I had to make one after I saw this either on Pinterest or blog land. I can't remember but I do have the link to make one here. How clever, an accordion box for ATC's. This took a bit of paper to make but I have loads to use up so I really enjoyed making this and adding embellies and stamps from trades I have done with peeps from all over. The letters on the front I did in a crackle, I found these in a stash tucked away, they are wood and I wanted something a little on the large size.
 This is one of the sides with a metal butterfly I have had stashed away for some use....I think Becky sent me these a couple years ago, thanks Beck. 
 And this is the inside with the accordion folds. Now I must say, the accordions are tricky to lay in place until you actually put a couple ATC's in . I also have to replace my magnetic closure. It isn't what I wanted so I have to go and get some discs so it snaps shut and flush. I only had strips and they are not really working. I tried Velcro dots but they didn't work for me either. Oh well overall I am so happy and now I can put some ATC's in this and display my little box. 
 And last but not least I saw this while on Pinterest and thought what a cute idea. I was recently given some buttons from my MIL's friend. She got them for free but was destashing and thought I could use them. So I picked out a number of white or I guess clear buttons and there were a few copper like ones as well. I bought a length of chain for next to nothing and made this bracelet and another charm  one. I don't generally wear a lot of jewellery but this just caught my eye. It will go with jeans or semi casual and I bet it will get noticed at craft shows. What do you think? So I have put Pinterest to some use. 
Thank you for looking and I would love for you to comment.
Do you get inspired from Pinterest? I know I do even if it is just to look at and spark some ideas of your own.
Til next time....TTFN and stay crafty


  1. oh cute bracelet les...the signs look good too...i love pinterest, so many ideas and lately im into the recipes :) i was wondering where you had gone and had just asked kath if she had heard from you :) the atc holder worked out really well too, it would begreat for themed swaps....

  2. Ugh, I really have to learn how to paint! I love your snowmen paintings! They would look great on my wall!
    I've never seen painted soap like that...super cool!
    Great job on the ATC storage!
    Love, love, love that bracelet! What a great use for those old buttons!

  3. You have been busy Lesley! Love your snowmen.
    The atc holder is fantastic. Clever use for the buttons.I am sure they would be a fave at the craft show.

  4. What a lot of great stuff! I LOVE the bracelet, things like that are great eye catchers, and the winter signs are wonderful. The ATC box is very interesting, too, I must have a try at something like that! What paint do you use for your soaps? That it also something I would like to try! Have a great weekend, Hugs, Valerie

  5. Morning Les.. wow.. love your snowmen signs.. too cute.. you sure have been busy.. that accordion ATC box looks like a lot of work.. gorgeous! Love Pinterest when I get on there... lots of inspiration to be seen.. that bracelet is too cute.. love buttons....Have a great

  6. Painted soaps. Lays wondered how that was done. Love the pussy cat one. Hugs mrs a.

  7. Those little painting are just darling and what a great idea using $ store plaques!
    Love the accordion folded atc holder. Think I could make one that holds maybe a couple hundred atc's? LOL
    Love your bracelet and yes I'm always inspired by Pinterest! LOVE it
    hugs Lynn

  8. You have a special way with snowmen, something about the expressions that you give them. No snow ever in this part of the world but I do like to look at them. That bracelet is very pretty too - you are very talented.

  9. Dine snemænd er dejlige, men jeg er vild med dit "knaparmbånd" meget charmerende, og ja jeg bliver meget inspireret af pinterist. knus morkaren.

  10. Wow Les... you have been busy... LOVE the snowmen... and the soaps are awesome... am sure they will sell really well... your ATC holder and bracelet are both gorgeous... yes... Pinterest is wonderful isn't it... welcome back...

    Jenny x

  11. Wow Lesley, you have been busy. As always I love all your creations. As for Clint Eastwood, I totally get him too, my dad was an absolute double of him in his younger days.
    Wishing you a lovely, creative weekend,
    hugs, Sam xx


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