Friday, August 17, 2012

Take a peek

A blogger friend of mine, Tee over at the Altered Paper, received a swap I sent her and in my haste I did not take pics to show on my blog so if you care to take a peek over at her blog just click on her link.
I have not received Tee's swap yet but when I do I will be showing you.
I found in my blog travels ATC easel cards. They are so much fun to make. I emailed Tee to show her and gave her a link to how to make them and then we decided we would do a private trade. I made her 2 even tho we were only to make 1, but, I can't usually stop at one of anything. When I get on a roll I go for it.

I will be trading soon with another blogger friend, Amy Jo, and you never know what will be in the works. Our theme is Divinci inspired for an ATC and the tag we are swapping also is game or game piece inspired.
So between my painting which is going on rather slowly I enjoy stopping and playing with paper now and again.
I also am feeling a little blue as of late. My Auntie Lesley is not doing very well. I pray for her but there is no more the doctors can do . I am so blessed to have met her in person and talked to her over the years on the phone. The miles are too far when it comes to these hard times. I hope she knows I am thinking of her and love her very much.

PS did you notice I have a little buddy on my blog now???? Isn't she the cutest?.Looks like my fat Rosie, as a matter of fact, Rosie will stay with you and follow you around and make sure you feel at home while visiting my blog.
TTFN, ♥♥♥


  1. Took a peek Les... and lovely goodies you sent Tee's way... especially love the mermaid tag... so sorry to hear about your Auntie Lesley... I have heard you mention her before and know how dear she is to you... sending her healing hugs... and yes... your blog buddy is just too cute... love how it pops up...

    Jenny x

  2. Hey Les, Sorry to hear your Auntie Lesley is not doing too good. Is she the one that lives in England? Popped over to Tee's, had a nice browse, love your ATc. I too was wondering, do you ever sleep??

  3. Great goodies you sent! Sorry about your Auntie, I know how that is. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Saw your swap at Tee's,awesome Les.
    So glad I stopped by to know what we're swapping (tee-hee) if you emailed me I didn't recieve anything.
    Really gives me a chuckle since I'm the old one here.

  5. Lovely items you swapped... love the way they stand up. Great work!


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