Thursday, August 30, 2012

More news

This is just a very quick post then off to visit Pinterest tonight.
Today I got another call from the library and they are co ordinating a 12 weeks of Christmas craft. Each week they will have someone come in and teach a craft related to Christmas one night of the week for 12 weeks starting in October.
I have been asked if I would be interested in teaching something whether it would be an ornament or gift or something related to the holidays. People sign up for the  craft and pay me when they arrive. The library does not benefit by any means the cost. I provide materials then charge each person a nominal fee including materials.
It will be about 2 hours so must see what I can find that will take that much time with good end result.
I have a few ideas but will go search. 
I also signed up for my 2nd show and paid, 2 shows now in November, woohooo. This has been a good couple days.

Oh and if anyone is interested I am considering doing a blog hop in December and wonder if anyone would like to do a Christmas( with tutorial )craft or gift related items. I am shouting out now so I can co ordinate something now so I can get organized for it.
If you are interested and can offer me some help how to do it please email me.
Thanks so much.
Have a super long weekend. I know I will be painting.


  1. Great news with your library again! Have a good weekend, Valerie

  2. Congratulations at being asked to run a class at your library. Sounds great. It will be interesting to see what you decide to do.


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