Friday, July 20, 2012

It's been given a new life

Hi everyone,
well I have finally finished the cabinet I kept telling you about. It took me just over 2 weeks with many coats of base coating then painting the design.
This cabinet or whatever you want to call it came from a local school my hubs was working at and it was destined for the dumpster. It has been in the school forever one of the other Custodians said so my hubs asked if he could have it thinking I might be able to do something with it. 
I have a lot of pics here so please bear with me. 
Here is a sneak first of the theme I went with....
 This piece is so old, looks like it was from the 70's maybe. It sure is beat up, whatever could I do with it to spruce it up? Hmmmmmm
2 larger drawers to put craft tools in like heat gun, paper punches, rulers, stencils......and......more stuff.....
 Inside is really roomy with deep and wide shelves....
And what is this??? cat napping???, hey, there is work to be done here. No sleeping on the job. 
Rosie never left me the whole time I was cleaning up and painting this cabinet. She walked on it, interrupted me several times to get pets and wanting her whiskers painted. She just loved this piece.and of course the odd drink out of the paint water.....never mind if it had been used a bit.
 I added large sunflowers to the front and top as you can see and added some insects for interest and to make the eyes wander around. I also used a stencil I have had for years to help fill some of the space. 
 And a little bumblin bumble bee here and there because I know for a fact they love sunflowers when we plant them....
 And here is the final pic of the finished piece. I painted the sides the same colour as the drawers and it looks really sort of artsy fartsy. The sunflower on the front right corner goes over the side and it looks really nice against the Straw colour I used. I also shaded the drawers and sides along the edges. I did not however paint the inside as I will be putting things in and taking them out a lot so no need to paint then have it all scuffed up. I may find some liner paper to line the shelves with. The drawers are painted and I hope I won't regret that down the road. The base colour is an off white but it really looks white here. I was thinking of antiquing it a bit to tone it down and I may still do that. 
It was brutally hot here when I was doing this and I have never experienced in all the years I have been painting how fast the paint was drying. If I made a mistake or put paint somewhere I didn't want it I had to have a damp cloth int hand at all times because there was no real give with this much heat. 
I am happy with the results and poor Rosie is missing it being in the middle of the kitchen. It is nicely stocked with my scrap paper, Cuttlebug, and all my other crafty stuff. No bags of this  and containers of that sitting around in neat piles. 
This was fun and so glad hubby saw this, he is a great guy that way. 
Thanks for looking and take a peek around, if you can still use something give it new life. We have enough stuff going to the trash these days.
Next project, some primitive cats on canvas.
Have a super weekend...


  1. oh les you did such a wonderful job of it....and as i said on fb it is so youuuu!!!

  2. It looks gorgeous now, what a huge difference! It has loads of space in it, too. Great piece, Lesley, give yourself a big pat on the back! Hugs, Valerie

  3. I love sunflowers and this cabinet looks fabulous! :)

  4. Wow Les.. it's gorgeous.. loving all those sunflowers.. you did a fantastic job on it.. and all that space.. whoo hooo!!!

  5. I love seeing 'old' things get a new lease of life...your cabinet is stunning Les...LOVE the sunflowers and cute little are sooo talented!!

  6. Don't let the school see it now, they will want it back for sure! You have done a stunning job on this. Love your painted flowers together with the stencilled ones.

  7. I love before & after pictures!
    You have done a fantastic job of bringing this old piece to life! Hugs,Tee

  8. That is stunning you are so clever the flowers are beautiful you could sell that for squillions! I love you icecream inspired art LOL just gorgeous a very inspiring blog you have here and Ill be back again and again I think!!! :)

  9. Oh my gosh Les... my jaw dropped when I saw the last pic... absolutely STUNNING!! I can't believe how different it looks to its original state... and I just adore the sunflowers... it looks so fresh and pretty... have been playing catch up... love your gorgeous watermelon girl too my friend... she is a definite sweetie...

    Jenny x

  10. Bless Rosie, I do envy the ability to fall asleep just about anywhere! What a wonderful make over you've given the cabinet!
    Wishing you a lovely day Lesley xxx

  11. Oh wow, what a fabulous make-over, Lesley!!! I know it must have been tons of work--but oh, so worth it!!! It's awesome!

  12. Great job, it's beautiful! I love the little touches like the lady bug and the bumble bee.

  13. What a transformation! I can't believe it's the same piece. Thanks for your kind comments on my tag, and for sharing that pic with me. It was perfect! Barb

  14. Wow. Hardly looks the same cabinet. A really swell makeover. The sunflower design certainly has the wow factor. A true labour of love but worth it. Hugs mrs a.


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