Saturday, June 16, 2012

Life quote canvas

Today I had a bit of time to finish up this canvas that started out a totally different colour, thanks to gesso I was able to cover all the paint layers up to make a new background. I have been playing a lot with layering with paint and making my own stencils to produce some pleasing and interesting visual appeal. 

Just a tip for all of you, to make your own stencils just use a light weight card stock or even cracker box chipboard, use your die cuts and cut out shapes in your Cuttlebug or Big Shot or whatever you use. 
Use the piece that you are about to throw out and use that as a stencil. I also use various round punches and punch designs using various sizes to make patterns. Cut shapes from fun foam or again use your die cut and cut flower shapes, stars whatever you have. I have a stack of different things now to use. Some of them get a little worn out if you use too lightweight of card stock, but, you can always make another. 
I even used Tim Holt's flourish die and they make wonderful stencils. Just take a peek at my background and see what you can find. You can even use corrugated cardboard, swipe some paint across the ripples and press onto your canvas, so many neat ideas all ready at your finger tips. Oh and one more. Look at doilies and see if there are sections you can use to stencil onto your backgrounds. I had some heart doilies and I saw an interesting medallion and cut it out. Take your stencilling to new heights, see what you already have instead of investing a ton on more stuff.

OK enough gibber. I was on Pinterest the other night, love Pinterest and I found some interesting quotes. I am not good when it comes to journaling and saying what I feel on paper, some things you wouldn't want to know or read. I can write letters and I can be diplomatic when it comes to expressing something I feel strongly about, but, I have never been good with words.
I saw this quote and thought it would be fitting for my little girl. 
So here she is, one of my Suzi inspired girls that I drew last week and could not wait to put her to canvas and make her come alive.
But first of is the quote.... 
 And here she is with her pouty lips, I haven't named her yet but I just adore her. I am so please with her except she has a bit of a crooked nose, oh well, it's all practise and I am really pleased how far I have come. I don't even draw my facial grid anymore. I just got the paper recently at Michaels, it has an oriental feel to it and so I cut some flowers from it and put them in her hair and added Stickles to them. 

The canvas board is painted in acrylics, the face is done in Prismacolour pencils.
Well I have another small one in the works. Thanks for dropping by and can't wait for Monday to reveal my Summer of Colour Week 2.


  1. Love the stencil ideas- makes me think of all of the fun stuff I throw away...... Oh I love your canvas- gorgeous Asian girl- she is beautiful! Love the BG and the flowers in her hair.

  2. Also this canvas painting is so marvelous Lesley. Wonderful and special art work.
    Warm greet

  3. Oh Les... she is DIVINE... she has the sweetest little face... and I just love those eyes... gorgeous background... and great stencil tips too... Gracie has recovered from her flight over... and I am loving having her live with me... thank you so much again...

    Jenny x

  4. Glad you are having fun with your little girls! Valerie

  5. what a gorgeous piece! I love the colors you used! Pinterest is the best! :)

  6. She is beautiful Les.. and I love that quote.. too true.. that paper is gorgeous too.. can hardly wait to see your week 2 piece..

  7. What a wonderful canvas, and a wonderful quote as well, Lesley!


  8. WOW...Les...your gal is her cute little face, and that wonderful dress and the flowers in her hair...just stunning!
    Jan x

  9. She is really cute and I love your quote!

  10. She is gorgeous! Love her eyes and lips, and the background looks great too!

  11. An amazing work of art, I absolutely adore her blossom.
    wishing you a lovely day,
    Sam xx


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