Saturday, June 23, 2012

canvas and texture

Hi there everyone. The humidity has finally lifted at least for now but it is still quite warm during the day and cooler in the evenings.Phew it was a warm one.
I finally got 2 small canvas boards completed after deliberating and fussing with these. 
Remember my sketch Roxy? sister of Gracie who took off on an adventure? 
Well Roxy is now put to canvas and I just love how she turned out. As much as I enjoy the colour I do like pencil sketches, bu,t when the girls have colour added to them they seem to take on a personality. 
I recently found out Gracie is in Australia and moved in with Jenny. Jenny said she arrived unexpectedly and decided to stay with Jenny. I do hope Jenny has room and is OK with it. I thought it awfully bold of Gracie to think you go somewhere and just move in? 
Anyways I heard rumblings Roxy may be taking a trip but hasn't decided where yet. Golly these girls are sketches one day then have incredible attitudes the next. I was not brought up that way Hmmm
 I cut a larger canvas to make skinny canvases as they are difficult to find and they are so portable as well. I applied several layers of cut papers, gessoed and painted and stenciled over them. Then I added turquoise and lime green paint and blended. Roxie is a mix of pencil crayons, and paint, paper dress and bows in her hair and a bit of lace. Below is a picture of texture medium I got on sale at Michaels. The cap was sort of broken so I taped it town and I just have to twist it off, the top was sealed at first so the medium itself was really good. I took a close up so you can see how I used a stencil and applied a thin layer of texture paste, it didn't take very long to dry either. I didn't add paint over top of the texture as I wanted the white to sort of stand out a bit. This was a lot of fun. I am still getting used to using Prisma Colour pencils and doing faces but each one gets better as I go and I am learning so much about this type of portrait. 
 And this canvas was a redo. I had done this same girl on a canvas and I put beeswax to her as instructed in Suzi's Mixed Media girls and her face disappeared. So I decided  to only use gel medium for now til I get used to the application of beeswax and how much to use, or maybe I didn't have enough pencil crayon colour  on her face.??? This redo is much better anyways and I added a nice quote and more texture paste. 
.Well we just got home from an evening ride on the motorcycle and it was quite nice. Traffic was quiet and we stopped and had a Tim Horton's coffee in a little town not far away. 
Til next time, take care and I always love hearing from you.


  1. Lovely canvas work- I went and bought canvas' and have not had the nerve to put any paint on them yet- I am taking a Donna Downey class in July- looking forward to it! I love both of them!

  2. They are both gorgeous.. hmmmm paintings with are sweet.. love that texture with the stencil.. very cool... finally a nice day here too.. too bad I was at

  3. Les, you do so inspire me!! Like Shelly, I went out and bought some canvas, and I've been too skeered to put anything on them yet as well! :D I know someday I'm going to be looking at your work and screw up my courage to just dive in and do it....someday....
    btw: you tell those girls of yours that they are welcome at my house anytime they'd like!! LOL

  4. OH Les!! Your artwork is delicious!! Roxy is stunning...Love her cute little face and the lace trim on her dress :)
    The texture medium is a nice touch, I have some of that in my arty stash somewhere!! You've inspired me to find it and have a little play!!
    Jan x

  5. Beautiful!!! I love your girls.... and their personalities :)

  6. You really seem to be having fun with your little girls just now, good for you! keep at it! Valerie

  7. gosh les, wow wow wow.....just beautiful xxxx glad its cooler :)

  8. les this is some truly awesome talent coming through you and your girls. I love them all and they just get better.
    I'm pooped after the barn sale but will write ya soon.
    Lov & Hugs

  9. I love your girls..... I've just become your latest follower!

    I've developed a wish to be able to sketch recently and your progress is inspiring! I am also in love with prismacolor and about to 'wax' my first face (when I put a plug on my melt pot!) now I'm scared it will disappear! I've just bought Suzi Blu's book and love it!


  10. Roxy is gorgeous Les... totally and utterly adorable... and I love the stencil with the texture paste... I wonder where she might be tripping off too... Gracie says hi... I am loving having her live with me... she loves to chat... and has become great friends with all the lovelies on my art room wall... I am SO glad she chose to come to Australia... aren't I lucky... glad it is a little cooler...

    Jenny x


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