Friday, June 8, 2012

hanging about

No pictures in this post but I have been keeping busy. Did I start my clean up...well not exactly.
I have some boxes waiting to be filled so it will be in the works very soon but I decided to get material to make some summer dresses since the shopping for one was a disaster a few weeks ago. I took apart a dress that is quite a fairly simple dress but I have worn it out. Literally there are holes in it and it was beyond repair. It is a great dress around the house when it gets hot and humid I wore it out, so I made a pattern from it. 
Anyways the sewing is going OK but I am a little out of practice and I am also working on a t-shirt type of material so it is very tricky to work with. I had thread trouble and then a few other malfunctions so this simple dress it turning into a real  nightmare. 
I have been making a few canvas bags since I take bags with me to do groceries and you can never have enough bags. I think I may be painting on some of them and selling them this fall if I still have the urge to sew after these dresses get done.For such a simple dress it is taking me way to long.
The veggie garden is really coming along now and so are the wonderful weeds we get inundated with every year. We have the worst weeds and every year it is thicker than ever but we try to do what we can to control them.
Well my friends. I  have been doing more sketches but want to paint and do canvases so I won't show them til they are done. One face is a huge fave of mine and hopefully I can find some time to work on it.
Thanks for dropping by and I will be back soon with pics.
Have a super weekend.


  1. hey lesley, sorry to hear the dresses are are not panning out, sewing machines can be real pain sometimes...dont over do it with the weeds and good to hear you are still painting faces :)

  2. Why is it that the simple things in life are always so hard to make?? Valerie

  3. Good on you Les... for making your dresses.. I am sure they will turn out beautifully... and your faces sound gorgeous... can't wait to see them painted...

    Jenny x


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