Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Humid and sketchyl

Well the title says it all. Today is a real scorcher, almost 40 Celsius and 98 F, needless to say hot hot hot. We haven't put the window rattler in, hubs is working evenings and doesn't get up til later in the mornings So I have been trying to keep cool but it has been a little too warm from my liking.
I have been working on next weeks Summer of Colour and it is coming along quite nicely. Not sure how I am going to work a touch of cashew colour in yet but I will figure something out.
Anyways I have been doing more whimsy girl sketches and although it is nice to see them in colour, I am really enjoying the sketch stage. I found some tortillons or paper stumps to blend my sketches and I love them. They truly transform a simple flat sketch into something a little softer and more realistic.
These are just a few sketches that have come to life in the last week or so, I have a couple more but they aren't quite finished and a little less favourable. 
I am working on some characters to put on canvas boards and have so many ideas and another idea I will keep a secret til I can get at it and show you my newest idea, maybe a selling feature this fall for my craft shows.
Anyways here are 3 sketches, thanks for looking and keep cool and remember your pets too, they get heated up so make sure they stay cool and have plenty of water. 

 These girls haven't been shaded yet. They just make me smile and I hope they make you too!



  1. oh les i realy love the top one. i love them all but theres something about the top one :) the paper stumps are great arent they....

    ooooh 40 ...try and keep cool, the humidity is the killer....

  2. I am really loving these sketches of yours...colored or not! Love the faces! Very pretty!

  3. Oooh yes Les... they make me smile... more gorgeous and beautiful girls... love their little expressive and sweet faces... you try and keep cool... (she says as she turns the heater up) another cold winter day here...

    Jenny x

  4. They are so pretty Les.. love the Dream a little dream .. rained again here tonight.. humid but definitely not hot

  5. Absolutely Gorgeous Les!..such sweet little expressions... Love what you did with your sketching!..


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