Monday, March 5, 2012

A couple ATC's

Hello friends,
No I haven't disappeared off the face of the earth, just been doing a bit of catch up and sort of laxing on the creativity. You know when you sit down and you do something and later it doesn't seem like you accomplished much??? I have been kind of like that, although I did get all my ATC backgrounds done and sent off to Jenxo in Australia for the background technique swap. I can't wait to see what comes out of that trade. I did 4 backgrounds to add to our books. Wooohooo

And I had to redo my February matchbox for Jan in the UK. Apparently when I went to the PO last week the girl filling in put the code UK in the computer and said oh this is going to the Ukraine? I said no, it is going to United Kingdom, England. Apparently our great Postal system says the UK is Ukraine and GB is Great Britain but all this time when I have sent things out it went to England, but, Jan did not receive my first matchbox and it has been long overdue, usually things get to the Great Britain (UK) in about a week or just under, faster than our friends below us in the US (United States). LOL
I seem to have to clarify where things are going in case someone from our Postal system reads this, and of course I did not save my receipt after one week because I have never had a problem before til now. So Lesley is out postage.
Oh well, on to other things.
And, I have been sketching, no I don't have any more to show you today but yesterday I took a book from the library that I have here at home and saw these sneakers so I had to tackle it. It was very detailed and I think, if you know me, that is what attracted me to it was all the detail. I am a detail person and well I was quite pleased with the end result, another day for sketches, I didn't want to bore you all with them.

And...I am doing an ATC swap with another blogger who has been following me for quite some time, and I am not sure if she will be looking so I won't mention any names yet. I am doing a matchbox swap as well for March and so who knows where these or which one is going where.
I love the fairy ATC, I added some wired music wings to her and crackle painted the gate behind her. Added some flowers with Stickles,I really like how this turned out. The fairy is raised up off the card with some foam tape. She turned out better than I expected....I wonder where she is flying off to next???
This one is titled " In my Garden"
 And this card is called Migration. I used K and Company scrap paper, the background is a faded map of North America, the bird is from the Graphics Fairy, thanks Karen, the word "migrate" is from a dictionary I use when I want definitions in my art, some burlap and I had a shrink plastic wing charm that I wired through the burlap. Birdie is migrating to somewhere, I wonder where.
I haven't made too many ATC's of late and I really enjoyed it. I really think mine out, they don't just happen over is a rather long process with me, sometimes too long.
Well I have several projects in the works, one is going to take quite a while as I am designing it for the Gecko Galz Guest Artist spot in August.
Another project I am working on is an altered tin with an accordion book inside, I  get a newsletter from Paper Whimsy and Nancy Maxwell James has done it again. My book is going to be a bit different but that is what I like about art, you make it how you like with the help of inspiration by others willing to share their ideas.
Well that is it of now my dearies.


  1. Lesley...these are both just too cute!! Your little angel turned out fabulous! I love the wings..and flowers!! Just Beautiful!
    LOL...I have sent things to the UK (United Kingdom) and have received items from there..and it is under a week :0) Much quicker then when I mail to Canada...what is up with that???? Interesting!! The shoe sketch sounds interesting! I can't draw...LOL

  2. Lovely to hear you are still sketching my friend... the sneakers sound fab... your ATC's are beautiful... love the little fairy... and her wired wings are so sweet... sounds like you have some wonderful projects on the go... and do hope your parcel to Jan arrives this time...

    Jenny x

  3. oh lovely atcs les, so nice to be making them again isnt it....mine dont just come to me either...:( bummer about the matchbox, but who knows it just may turn up some time later...sounds like you are busy tho with ayour swaps :) looking forward to seeing what you have made for the background swap, i have some lovely ones in at the mo....

  4. Glad to see you back Lesley and crafting up a storm of beautiful ATC's ... you know i have a soft soft for your faerie one but the bird one is so darn cute too ... Hugs wendy

  5. Lovely work, as always! Post offices always seem to have their own special rules, as I know to my horror! Tomorrow I am going home! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Just saying Hi.
    We had an awful snow storm, 14 in. here,trees down every where and no power for 3 days.
    Hope the mail gets to you!
    Only 14 days till Spring, I'm ready !! Hugs

  7. Darling ATC's.
    I'm going to be careful from now on when I send things to U K. I always thought it meant United
    Kingdom too.
    hugs Lynn

  8. You do have a lot going on Lesley. That's interesting about thinking UK was Ukraine, I've not heard that one before, but it does explain why your matchbox didn't reach Jan. I'm thinking I'll have to put United Kingdom in full from now on - just in case - lol.

    Your ATCs are both fab, but I love the fairy one the best - the crackled fence is great! xx


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