Thursday, February 23, 2012

More sketches and matchboxes

Not sure what has been going on with Blogger but posting has been not very co operative so here are some things that have been piling up and while Blogger is working today, perhaps I can show you what I have been doing.
This first mixed media piece I am showing is an oriental style angel. As you know I have been sketching and I did this a couple weeks ago and decided I want to paint her. I drew her on watercolour paper then did most of her in watercolour then I painted the background in this wonderful green paint with a bit of white dripping down. I really like how it turned out but not sure I like the asian text now on the page. That might have to be painted over. I keep looking at this and wondering if I should have put it on there. I did tone it down a bit but still not sure....I might even do this whole piece over again but for now I am most pleased with how my sketches look painted. Have to do more of this. I don't own or have an art journal yet but I am thinking that maybe I should attempt one.
 And here are a few more sketches. I know these are whimsy but I plan on really expanding my sketching overall. These are just free and see what happens kind of sketches. Again good material to work with for an art journal....don't ya think???
 When I started this more rounded face, I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out but I really like it and the why my hair turned out. A little more mature looking. I call her Summer. She would look nice painted too...
 I like this one too, my faces are really turning out more proportional now thanks to looking in book and on YouTube how to draw portraits. I always erase my lines after I get the features situated. The eyes are really the hardest to get to look even, but it is coming along. I see great progress from my first 2 I posted a couple weeks ago.
 And I like this young girl. She has such innocense about her. Love that hair band....
 And last but not least....I was in a FlickR matchbox trade for the month of February and Gail chose the theme of  Love and Valentines. My partner Sherry made this lovely box and just filled it to the brim with all these goodies and if you click on the pic to make it larger there is a tiny bottle with lots of teeny hearts and love inside. Sherry made that too. I received some vintage images and a love tag and all wrapped in wonderful Valentines tissue paper. I made tissue tape out of the tissue last night for future cards and projects. Thank you Sherry, this is just wonderful. You do such great tiny work.
 And this is my matchbox for Sherry. She has already seen a pic of it on FlickR. This heart is made of acetate which has been shrunk after it was painted and stamped. I found a great source locally for acrylic and it shrinks just like the Shrinky Dinks plastic sheets you can pay a fortune for.  The rose and branches are from a dollar store necklace I saw potential in immediately. I took the necklace apart and it fit the bill nicely. Love all the little gems and colours just match the theme perfectly. The matchbox itself was gessoed, painted pale pink then I attached some pink lace, then some white fuzzy and sparkly ribbon on both ends. Really came together nicely. And of course stuffed with goodies too.

 Well that is it for now. I have been going easy lately as I am having some upper back issues and trying to watch my posture and not hunch over for hours on end. The pain has been affecting my sleep and the x rays are showing nothing so it is probably muscle and soft tissue issues which I suffer from in my shoulders. Oh well I am sure it will pass, it has to, I won't put up with it. :)
Take care and thanks as always for dropping by. I always love to read your comments.


  1. I like the Asian text on her dress, I say leave it, it adds a little character to the dress. YOu are doing a good job with your sketches.

  2. Oh my gosh Les, I LOVE Angel... love her!!! her face is so incredibly sweet... and the way you have painted her is gorgeous... I love the way she is standing too... your sketches are lovely... their features are all aligned beautifully... and your hairstyles are fab... and two stunning matchboxes... I love them both... so glad that Blogger is co-operating again... and that you were able to share your magic with us...

    BIG Hugs my friend...
    Jenny xxx

  3. Your painted angel looks beautiful Les - and all your sketches are really coming along too - in fact, they look brilliant to me! All the faces I attempt end up looking the same, and I just can't do the shading at all.

    I've had trouble with Blogger the last few days too - I had to install Firefox browser and that seemed to do the trick.

    Can't wait to see your beautiful matchbox irl.

    Hope your back feels better now xx

  4. Loads of lovely work! Hugs, Valerie

  5. WOW Les, firstly, Your Angel is totally Amazzzzing... I LOVE IT!!!..and I like how you have added the text on the dress. You are doing a fab job with those sketches too!...and what a lovely matchbox trade...both boxes are beauts!!
    Hope your back feels better soon Les! Take Care now!
    Jan x

  6. Oh wow, Les, I love it all!!! I hope you're feeling better--AND I hope you have a happy weekend!!!

  7. You sketches are awesome! You have a natural flair for drawing! Hope you have a Happy Sunday!

  8. Awesome work! Love how you painted your sketch. Beautiful :)

  9. Les, I love all of your sketches, love the faces and the ones that are not a proportional are my favorites, they have a style that is really cool! The package arrived yesterday and I posted about it on my blog. Please email me, for some reason I never changed your email and don't have it. I have a funny story/mystery for you.


  10. Nice sketches, Lesley! Such beautiful faces! : )

  11. LOve all your Angel sketches!! I will have to say..I love to sketch like this too...I can't draw...but I can sketch things I like. Your little matchbox is just darling!!


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