Friday, February 10, 2012

Some whimsy and more sketches

I haven't posted in a while not because I didn't want to just been on here later in the evenings and catching up on some blogs I follow. Sometimes you can't visit as often as you like and seems my Internet is better later in the evening, pages load faster and I can actually leave a comment.

Well I have been playing with watercolours and acrylics and watching vids on these whimsy faces that seem to be a big hit all over the Internet.
I have made a few designs to put on cards and then I found some mini canvases in my stash and thought I would do up a couple of those. These are fun and very addicting. Besides doing sketches in my sketch book at night I also, when in a whimsy mood, add these as well for future reference.
So here is a collection of whimsy.....
This was my first whimsy face and not sure I really like it but it's just fun to play and paint.

 This dragonfly girl is not really finished yet, I am not sure if I should leave the background, sometimes too much can... be too much...
Loving the bright explosion of colours, a nice change from my grunge.
Oooops I forgot her eyelashes, I just noticed....
 I think I know someone who might like ladybug girl....
 And the bottom 2 are mini canvases from the ole Dollar store, I think I might do a few more of these soon. I love using many layers of paint. Can you see a bit of sequin waste in the background? I used it as a stamp....
 This one below I started out with Twinkling H20's already painted background for something else. I didn't care for it so I put a layer of gesso over it first because being water soluble the Twinklers get all smudgy. So many and many layers and soft blending and slapping paint layers on and drippy paint, boy this was so much fun....a lot different than the old standard painting I am used to...
I also am having fun with coloured hair. They just make me smile.
I am thinking of making some painted pages for a dear Aunt in England who is having some health issues right now, I thought some cute whimsy faces would brighten a tough day....maybe put a smile on her face...
And remember my first sketches I showed you....well I have been at it again, and every night I put pencil to paper and I sketch before I read before I go to sleep. I can't seem to stop.
Mind you, I am showing you the better of them, there are some pretty horrendous ones in my book too but these ones I am rather proud of.
I am not going to show one I plan on painting as it is my most favourite of all, she is an " angel" of a sketch...he he...
Meet Rebbecca.....she reminds me of a good know who you are....

 This is Clarice....

 And the name has not come to me on this one yet.....I love how her hair turned out....and don't you love these luscious lips....I have been working on noses hair is going to be a hard one.....seems I struggle with it but it will come in time...just have to keep sketching away. Like anything, the more you practice the better you get.
So thanks for stopping by.
I am now finished all the ATC backgrounds for Jenxo's ATC Technique book Woo hoo, I did 4 sets of do the math. It was fun. I am glad I don't have to do that many ATC's complete, but you know I would if I had to...but I don't.
Stay creative dear friends and thanks for stopping by.


  1. Oh my gosh Les... your drawings are DIVINE... gorgeous, gorgeous work... your shading is beautiful... such sweet little whimsical faces and I am smitten with Ladybug Girl... those expressive eyes just get you in... your sketches are wonderful... love those names... and I can't wait to see your angel... wow, my friend... these are truly stunning...

    Jenny x

  2. they are very whimsical and I, too, love the ladybug girl. The colours are all lovely, I can see that you would have had lots of fun playing with the paints etc

  3. oh WOW have gotten sucked in bug time:) loving them all but i like the last one with her head tilted and well shes just a bit different :} so much fun are these little faces.... good on you for getting all those atc done :)

  4. Wow, you have been busy, and having fun with your lovely faces! I am still here in the hospital, I think about another 3 weeks....I wanna go home! Hugs, Valerie

  5. Wowsa Les!! I'm loving your whimsey style!! Sooo adorable!! I'm in love with the ones with the wings...esp...'Peace' ...and your sketching is the eyes!! Can't wait to see your 'Angel' Keep up the great work!
    Smiff x

  6. I totally adore all these faces! :) Love them!

  7. I really love your cute little whimsy faces,the colours are gorgeous.The practice is definitely producing some wonderful results, keep going, it will only get better.

  8. ooh all these look so pretty Les... love them... your sketches are awesome...the colors are great too..

  9. Oooh Les.. love them... the colors the faces.. all too sweet.. awesome sketches too...

  10. Your faces are fabulous! I love the ladybug.

  11. Great job! AND you did one with curly hair! I love it. I must try some of these faces out, which video's are you watching on you tube?
    Becky(the curly haired friend)

  12. Peace is beautiful but I LURVE Serenity. Aunty in England will be chuffed.
    Looking forward to those backgrounds.

  13. Les, your whimsy faces are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! You've really nailed it, absolutely gorgeous, all of them!


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