Sunday, March 11, 2012

Did you know?-Tissue Tape tutorial and happy mail

I know I started a "Did you know" idea back in the fall then I sort of dropped it while I was scrambling to do my craft shows but I got thinking the other day, I am going to try to do a tutorial or lead you to info that you may not already have or to refresh your creative mind, we can always use a little help now and again.

Today I want to say....Did you know?... you can make your own tissue tape??? well you may have  or maybe just never bothered, but, once I show you how easy it is and how little materials you need you will be happy I showed you this.
Here in Canada Tim Holt's tissue tape is very pricey and I do like Ranger products, don't get me wrong, but, I find sometimes you are limited when you buy some of these things and can only use things on grunge projects or not so feminine looking things. Well, I have some great news, you can make your own tissue tape, just enough for a special project, or, you can make some to have on stash or just make some blank ahead of time when you need to  make that card in a hurry and you need a little pizazz.
OK enough gab about we go....
All you need is double sided tape, I buy mine at the dollar store and you can get different widths, this size is about half inch and I got 3 rolls for under 2.00, tissue, you can use dressmakers tissue, gift tissue or even a nice napkin with a pattern on it, tissue comes in a variety of colours or just use white and you can see how quickly you can transform it. You may need ink, stamps, scissors and that is it.

Not sure why but my picture loaded sideways, but you get the idea, the green card stock is just for a contrast in colour so you can see the tissue.

 Roll your tape onto the tissue, try to keep it straight and the paper smooth, if you do get a few wrinkles, it just adds a bit of texture to the final result. Make as many strips as you like so you have some on hand in a hurry. If you look a the bottom of this picture you will see I left a little tissue overhanging, that is so it makes it easy to peel back the backing of the tissue tape, you can trim that bit off after you adhere to your card or project and tidy it up.

 Now trim the sides of the excess tissue.
Next I had made my own shamrock stamp for another project and I am in another swap for March so I made my partner some tissue tape for our Shamrock theme. Before I stamped the tissue, I just lightly inked the tape, don't worry if you don't get the inking perfect, it adds interest. Next stamp your stamp. I have made some tissue tape in a collage style using numbers, small clocks etc. Try anything, it really is fun and quick.

 And below is the tissue tape that I stamped on the left and the middle and right side are napkins. Remove both layers of that white fine paper from you napkin and you may want to press the napkin with an iron or just lay it out and place your tape on the opposite side of the design. Trim and you are good to go. Remove the backing and place carefully onto a card or altered project.
I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial....Did you know? can make your own tissue tape for a fraction of the store cost and you can make it more suitable to your theme.
After I made the Shamrock tape, I took a gel pen and just outlined the shamrocks, made them pop a bit.

  And below I want to share a beautiful Spring theme ATC I received from a long time follower of my blog,   Amy Jo from Art from the Heart. Around Christmas time we decided we wanted to swap art and well the holidays are always a busy time of year and lately we have both been saying how we are anxiously waiting for spring. So we decided to do an ATC in the theme of spring. I received this lovely ATC and below the pic is the backside just as beautiful as the front. I wonder how she knew I love sunflowers, they are my favourite. I also had a pic of the goodies Amy sent along but the pic was sideways and I wasn't going to leave posting.
Thank you Amy and I hope you get my little package soon. I hope you like it.

Til next time friends. I am working on a little whimsy faces booklet for my dear Aunt in England. I just need to work on the pages and it will be done soon.
If anyone has any great quote sites that makes one smile or makes one feel good on a not so good day, could you please let me know. I would like to add some sayings or quotes to my little book.
Thanks all for dropping by.


  1. Your tissue tape is gorgeous Les... love both the stamped and napkin versions... and such a sweet ATC you received...

    Jenny x

  2. Good idea with the tape, looks really pretty. It costs a fortune here, too! Love the ATCs. Take care and have fun, Valerie

  3. So happy you liked it and thanks for the tape tutorial. I'll definitely try it.
    Oh ! and the Irish stew you can sub the lamb for stew beef.

  4. Fantastic tutorial Les, thanks for sharing. Simple but brilliant - your shamrock stamp works wonderfully for the tape.

    You can find some nice quotes on this site

    Have a great week x

    ps, love the ATC you received too.

  5. Such a Cool Tutorial! Thanks For Sharing! And Beautiful 2 sided ATC by Amy!

  6. Brilliant tute...Such a fab idea...because it is so costly here too!! ..and the little samples you sent me in our last swap are lovely!
    Your whimsy faces/quote booklet sounds like a wonderful pressie for your Aunt :) ...I've been drawing/painting and adding lots of quotes to a journal at the moment too ;) ...I just 'googled' (inspiring quotes) and got some good sites.
    Jan x

  7. Love the tissue tape you created- I have tried this on masking tape- but this is the first I have seen it on tissue! I would love to see what you create with it!

  8. I bought the dies and made the butterflies ala Tim's technique...was what I wrote confusing? It is a bit ambiguous...Thanks for the visit and I love your tissue tape ideas.

  9. That is brilliant.. Thanks for the tip!! This is my first time to your blog and it is beautiful.. I will be back..

    Hugs, Linda

  10. Now why didn't i think of trhat? smacking myself upside the head! What a great idea! Love that you can customize it to fit your needs. and I bet its holds better than Tim's!
    hugs Lynn

  11. What a fab idea! Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. Love the tissue tape and wonderful tip! Love the ATC's too!

  13. Thanks Lesley, needed some tissue tape today and remembered reading your tutorial so gave it a go and it worked beautifully. The tape is expensive here as well and I love that you can customize to suit your own project so perfectly. Thanks again for the tips and the pleasure of reading what you have been up to.


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