Sunday, October 16, 2011

mini dominoes and a painted canvas

I am winding the painting down and trying to get a few other things added to my stock for the shows.
Here is a hinged canvas from my friend Marie's website where I purchased the pattern. I couldn't find small black hinges so I just used a permanent black marker and covered the gold and made it black, works for me. I even added the hinges, no help from hubs on this one. I can cut wood, drill holes and do a bit of sanding, although I have soft tissue injuries, so, sanding using anything motorized really gets my extremities buzzing, so I do a bit by hand.
I used 2 5x7 canvases. I think it turned out rather cute if I may say so.

And for my birthday my friend Becky sent me 2 packages of these mini dominoes. So.....I added some alcohol inks, the birds are cut from tissue paper and glued on, the insects are rub ons I got a long time ago from Michaels,some of them have glitter on them, they add a nice bling, and the Santa's were resized images I got from the Internet and cut out and glued on. I added a few gems and after I took this picture I put Glossy Accents on the surface so they would have a nice finish to them. They are drying as I type. I found these inexpensive necklaces at the dollar store and will see if I can sell them, or you could easily add them to your key chain. Either way I am quite pleased with how they turned out. I love using the rub ons, they are so quick and easy to do and looks like you may have paid a fortune for them.....NOT.
Click on the picture to get more detail and see them sparkle. I think a couple of these will be nice gifts and maybe include in a couple trades before the holidays.
And thanks to Becky for sending these to me. I wonder if I smile real nice if she could snag me some more. Smiley
Thanks for dropping by. Just a few more ornaments and gourds to paint then back into paper, a few ATC's a couple matchboxes for a trade and then before you know time.
Stay creative and be happy.


  1. Awww just gorgeous Lesley. You make me want to get my paints out again. Hey I've got some dominos tucked away somewhere! Love that idea.

  2. Love your hinged canvas Les... your snowman is too sweet... and your necklaces are gorgeous... love the beautiful images... am sure they will sell well :))

    Jenny x

  3. Yes VERY sweet! I would buy this! Thanks as always for the link, I will go have a peek and maybe I have time for yet a few more Halloween goodies..hugs,

  4. Love that hinged canvas...the snowman is so adorable. Have a great week!

  5. Lovely work Lesley
    going back to look through your blog....

  6. It turned out great Les! Can't tell you used marker on the hinges. You're one smart cookie lol. Love the dominoes too!

  7. How fun- more great domino's- love the colors of the AI's and your rub-on's and Santa faces are fun!

  8. Love the hinged canvas idea and those pendants are fantastic. Good luck with the shows.

  9. What a fun post this is!!!! Gearing up for Xmas, I see! Wonderful fun!!!

  10. works of wonder!!! great
    Was wondering if your paper art sells
    well at shows?
    Thanks donna

  11. I love your snowman, he is really cute. The dominos are just gorgeous, good luck at the show but I am sure that you won't need it.


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