Sunday, October 9, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving in Canada

To all my  friends, family and newcomers to my blog, Happy Thanksgiving.
Tomorrow is officially the celebrated day but today we had the big turkey dinner. I don't generally shop on Sundays, I actually feel that it should be a day of rest for everyone like the good Lord intended it to be. So I generally do not shop or do too much, but, having said that, I had to get a few items and being without my car again, and still, I needed hubs to take me. I hate not having my car, I feel like a hermit, it has been a week Tues and still no word on whether this time it is the alternator or not. I guess the big surprise will come Tues or Wed when I have to fork over more money. ARGH
Anyways I did get groceries and came home and got to work on the meal. Potatoes from the garden and squash, a 10 lb turkey we already had and I made dressing from scratch, no Stove Top stuffing in this house. And my gravy actually turned out quite nicely and very flavorful.
We give thanks for the bountiful harvest the Lord has provided us with, food on the table, a roof over our heads and most of all for each other.
PS every wonder why we celebrate Thanksgiving before the US? well it is because we are further north and our harvest is sooner and winter comes generally sooner. At any rate I wonder if this will all change one day since the weather is certainly not what it used to be.
Time to relax now, I spent more time in the kitchen preparing then cleaning up than I did eating the dinner, but it was very tasty just the same.
Take care and give thanks.


  1. This is a wonderful post and I love the info on why Canadians celebrate before we do in the US. Now I know.
    Happy day to you

  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! We had our big meal today too. It was over 4 hours ago, and I'm still stuffed....groan. But, it was delicious, and there are plenty of leftovers, making tomorrow and easy day!

  3. Have a great Thanksgiving! Hugs, Valerie



  5. Happy Thanksgiving Lesley & Family! Finally got chance to start my tags - loving it already as got my fingers messy which is always the start of good ArT! Hope to be sending one back to you so you can assess my efforts!! LOL Alexa x

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you!!!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! sorry I missed the day.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog leaving a lovely message. I'm working on finding the template for the Santa Boot.


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