Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Just a ramble

You all know now I got my car back and the door locks were causing the dead short so now I don't have automatic locks. Ok no problem. I had to go out of town for an appt today and hubs had to go to work.
I park at the office and then decided I would lock the car. So I have to do it manually now and I go into the office. I wait and wait and finally after 2 hours I am finally done. It is drizzling and cold and I walk over to my car, insert the key and it won't even turn. I go over to the passenger side and try the same thing, no key turning. Next I thought I would try the trunk and it opened. I go back to the drivers side and try and the key still won't turn. Now I am in a panic, hubs has the cell phone at work, he wouldn't be able to leave anyways since he just started the job. I look at my options and thought golly if I call a locksmith they are going to cost me money so well if I can go through the trunk then maybe I could get into the main part of the car, but.....before I try that.... I try the passenger door again and the key turned and opened. PHEW.....I was so relieved. I thought the garage may have changed the locks and not told me but they didn't charge me anything to change locks and I couldn't figure out why they key wouldn't turn. Boy I was so relieved and I was very grateful I got in.
Now that I am home safe and sound I can get back to doing something productive now.
How is it that an appt is after lunch and you get back home around supper time. It was packed and people were patient but you could tell some of them were getting antsy.
Anyways all is good.
Have a super day and my inchie houses are just about complete. Off to go finish them.
Til next happy and creative
and....check your locks


  1. How scary! I'm always in panic that things like that might happen! Take care, hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh don't you just hate days like that. So much to do and then the day disappears for some silly reason.
    Glad you got in your car and home safe.

  3. maybe the key was cold.. the metal needed to warm up and with the heat of your hand warmed it so it would turn


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