Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday's Did You Know's

I started a Did you Know topic the other week and I can't believe how time is slipping. I am going to try to post my Did you Know's on Sundays, that way I won't be trying to post other things and this gets lost.
I have started a list by my work station and now I am accumulating quite a few so today I will post 5 of them and then next Sunday 5 more.

So here it goes.....
Did you know?.....

1.If you don't have an Embossing Buddy, try using a dryer sheet prior to stamping and applying Embossing powders to your cards or paper arts. These are anti static sheets so they will remove static and you won't have unwanted bits of EP on your art work.

2. Wrap your wet paintbrush in plastic wrap if you get interrupted while painting, this will keep the brush moist and you won't have to throw away a good brush. Just remove the plastic wrap to continue painting or dampen in some water. Clean up is just as easy than a hardened paint brush!!!!! Works on house painting brushes too!!!!

3. Place your stamp pads face down to keep them moist and the ink to the top of the surface of the pads.

4.Stick an eye pin ( used for jewellery) in your Glossy Accents bottle to keep the nozzle free. Nothing worse than having a clogged up nozzle and mess every time you want to use it. I push the eye pin right down into the hole and the loop is great to pull up and you are ready to use every time. The lid also fits on no problem.

5. Clean those acrylic stamp blocks with the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. Works every time.

Stay tuned for more Did you Know's????

Image is from the Graphics Fairy.


  1. Great ideas, I will def, try the one for the glossy accents, they are always a pain in the ass! Valerie

  2. I am off to raid my beading stash for an eye pin right now! Thanks for the tip!

  3. Morning Les.. I didn't know that a magic eraser cleaned stamp blocks.. very cool..or that you should store your stamp pads upside down.. thank you..

  4. Great tip about the Glossy Accents nozzle Lesley, I'm about to get an eye pin now - pushing Bella out of the way first - LOL

    Thanks for sharing x


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