Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My very first Digital ATC

Over at Bella Creations there is a new group called  Début des Techniques Graphique. Our kind hostess Heather Hudson is teaching us how to use the Free Gimp program. I have been very interested in Digital Art although I love cutting paper, gluing etc I am always fascinated with the art of digital manipulation of photos. Anyways Gimp is Free and you can download it but you will have to go online to use the manual. All the information is on the Gimp site and there are many tutorials on YouTube.
Ok that being said, I struggled and struggled with just getting unwanted backgrounds to disappear but finally after messaging Heather back and forth and looking at vids and reading, and ,well just playing I finally got the layering part. I got the backgrounds to disappear, cleaned up an image, and put all my images on top of a free Paris background I had on my computer. I believe the girl is from the Graphics Fairy, the bird from a collage sheet from Lisa's Altered Art images. I added "Paris" from the Gimp program and this is how it came out. Wow was I amazed and so excited. My very first digital ATC and I am also posting this in the Group challenge. Use 3 images and try putting text on your design. I hope this passes, if not it sure was a lot of fun.
Thanks for looking. Now off to do some artsy stuff.


  1. Beautiful!
    I've been wanting to get into digital art, but don't have the time to just sit and do! You did a wonderful job of composition.
    Take it easy

  2. Gorgeous for the first time going digital...I havent taken the leap yet, but due to Bella I will soon.!

  3. Wow! That's great, Les! Always great to learn new things.

  4. What a terrific first try.
    Keep telling myself I need to learn digital. You are inspiring me!

  5. fantastic Les, i forsee all sorts of possibilities :)this will be endless :)

  6. Most loverly Les... your first one is gorgeous.. can hardly wait to see what else you come up with.. I would soooo love to learn to do this too.. just no time right now.. ooh just noticed your new background.. so pretty.. love it..

  7. Gorgeous work! I get phases where I enjoy digital, but I just the love the feel of putting papers together....

  8. If that is your first attempt, I can't wait to see what you achieve when you get a bit of practice under your belt - well done, it is really pretty. I also like your new blog

  9. Hi Les, wow this is stunning my friend and really well done its a first for you but you could never guess it if you hadnt said. I had Gimp before and must download it again as it has some effects i dont have on my programs.
    keep going Lesley its so much fun :)


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