Friday, July 29, 2011

Lots of scrumptous mail

Yesterdays post I was grumbling but today I am so happy. I love getting nice mail. I love sending mail.
You know when you enter blog land and meet so many like minded peeps, when you receive something from them it is very special.
Well my birthday was back in May but I received 2 birthday pkgs in the mail. First one is from my long time painting friend Becky. She got me Monika Brint's newest paint book. I have my eye on a few projects in there already but like everything else I do, I will put my own take on it and change the colours up a bit. Not crazy on the colour selection of some of the projects. And, some scrabble tiles, a couple Asian scrabble necklaces, some mini dominoes, as you can see I already opened the package to take a peek, Becky got me 2 packages, yippee skippee, how cool are those, can't wait to try them and some brad buttons, and some crocheted scrap embellies to use. I already used  one of each on my sewing canvas I posted yesterday.
Thanks so much Becky.
Next some goodies from Jenxo in Australia. Jen sent me Asian papers, a canvas she made, a brooch some laminated bookmarks she made, and this wonderful shrine. Jenxo asked about a shrine I had posted way back in the beginning of the year so she had some time and was able to make me one. This shrine is incredible. There is a little wire birdcage with a swing inside and a door. I am not sure if Jenxo made this or purchased it but it is incredible and I love the little round flowers with beaded centers. Thanks so much Jenxo. I feel so spoiled by these girls.

And a few months ago I entered a bookmark swap over at the Yahoo group for Gingersnap Creations and the theme was travel the world. As you know we had a postal strike and now that it is over we received our bookmarks. These bookmarks were not marked in the back by the artists so I am not sure who to thank, but they are so lovely and I got an Asian one. Some peeps are really paying attention to my likes.

So I want to thank you very much Jenxo, Becky and the bookmark gals.
Today was filled with happiness and after yesterday, tomorrow truly is another day.
Next post is the Summer of Colour.
Post number 2 to follow.


  1. wow !!!!! it never rains but it pours, some lovely loot there Les, Lucy made the wire cage, she is queen of twisty wire :)

    love all your goodies and glad it all finally made its way there.....what long birthday !

  2. Lovely stash of goodies Les... receiving gorgeous mail like that certainly makes a day special :))

    Jenny x

  3. Glad you liked everything Les. I had fun making those scrabble tile pendents. We may have to trade some! I also picked up some domonios so a trade may be necessary with those as well! If....I can ever stop painting!
    Happy Belated Birthday!

  4. Don't you just LOVE mail days like these!! Fabby post :)


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