Friday, July 15, 2011

Inkurable Stampers ATC swap

I got some wonderful mail yesterday, I have been patiently waiting for these due to the Canadian Postal strike was on and now these babies are in my hot little hands, all the way from Down under. Sara our gracious host set up a swap for the theme in Black, White and Orange. Were were to make 10 ATC's all the same and then send them to Sara to exchange and send them back. Well I was pleasantly surprised to see all the variations in the cards and such lovely work I must say.
I even got a few ATC's from blogger friends I have been following for a while and a couple I have swapped with in groups.
So without further adu here are the cards I received. We got one of our own cards back to mine is the slide with the butterfly scene. Thank you ladies for the lovely ATC's and a special thanks to Sarah for making this happen.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Ohhh Lucky Les!! What a great bunch of ATC's you received! Fun Fun. :)

  2. OOOh! I see you got one of mine Lesley!
    I received one of your lovely atc`s.
    They were all gorgeous!

  3. Wow, what a selection! Beautiful work, that was a great swap! Valerie

  4. It's a pleasure Lesley! I was lucky enough to recieve one of yours too! I was thrilled!

  5. Oh goodness,worth the wait I'd say. They are all wonderful.

  6. Lucky you, they are gorgeous aren't they? Now I am cross with myself, I started to make a bundle of ATCs to participate in this swap and then I let life get in the way. They were worth the wait


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