Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I won something, matchbox swap and car news

A few posts ago I showed you an Eco Shape shrine that I received in an order from Artchix. The shrine shape and door were to be used in a challenge on the Artchix Facebook page and today I found out I won a 10.00 gift certificate. Woot woot. I hardly ever win anything, I have no luck at lotteries, scratch tickets, or even random drawings. I never get too excited but today I did. I don't have to hurry to use it up so I will wait til I need a few things and use it.
It was nice to get some good news after a week without a car and money spent fixing it. I got my car back yesterday and nice to have my own wheels back. A brand new gas tank and new lines from the transmission to the rad were replaced. I can actually put more than a half a tank of gas in the car. Woot woot. I hate spending the money on a car but hey it has been a good car and I need to keep it for a while so I guess money well spent for safety reasons as well.

And the other day I received my Music themed matchbox from my friend Jan. If you recall the FlickR monthly matchbox theme for last month was music and we had to use black somewhere on the matchbox. Well Jan is always a very creative and generous trade partner. She really did it this time. Take a peek at all the goodies she included inside and outside the box.
Thanks so much Smiff. I think Jan did an image transfer somehow with the woman images and the music paper on the outside. It is really lovely.

 And below is a humming bee. Isn't it the neatest little creature? We have seen a few of them or the same one hanging around our hanging baskets on our deck and this one decided to have a rest on the petunias. JB caught it on digital. I had been trying but the thing kept buzzing around. I put the camera down and then he comes into the house looking for the camera and caught it taking a rest. That never happens so me, I am no photographer, I haven't the patience or the eye. You would think being a painter and creative person that I am that I would be able to capture such beauty but nope I just want to click and get it over with.
Anyways thanks for dropping by and tomorrow I will be showing you what I got in the mail today.
Another matchbox and 2 lovely ATC's from South Africa.

Remember to stop and smell the flowers. Life is too short to be hung up on stress and
 don't let people rent space in your head.


  1. Love your post! You make me smile. matchbox is adorable,gift certificate even better!!
    Hugs, Amy

  2. Lovely things, enjoy your spending spree! Valerie

  3. Wahooo! Congrats on winning the gift certificate Les :)
    Never seen a humming bee that big before! Great pic!!
    Oh, and thanks for blogging my music box :) Sooo glad it got to you before the postal disputes!
    Have fun spending your voucher lovely Les!!
    Jan x

  4. Lesley, I've never heard of a humming bee, let alone seen one --- I must go Google it! And thanks for that funny saying. Think I'll share that on facebook:) I've enjoyed browsing through your blog. Will link yours to mine!
    Merci encore,


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