Saturday, June 11, 2011

back online

Hello friends,
we had 2 nasty storms on Wed this past week and our phone line was knocked out until late Friday afternoon. I am trying to catch up on emails and just got onto my blog. Some areas the hydro was out and still is until sometime on Sunday. The wind was very bad, a tree was knocked down in a neighbours yard, we had a limb broken off one of our trees, a birds nest in another tree was tore out of the tree and little egg shells on the ground. (boo hoo). We had hail, lots of driving rain, and a lightening show that was amazing but scary at the same time.
We are all well, happy and healthy.
Sure missed not having a phone or internet.
Anyways I am back in action.
Have a happy weekend my friends.


  1. Mother Nature seems to have a bad case of PMT lately - shouting and throwing things around. Luckily you came out unscathed and were able to appreciate the beauty of her light show.

  2. Sounds like nasty storms Les... glad that they have passed and you are back online again :)))

    Jenny x

  3. Phew, we get storms like that here in the Cape. Glad you are ok, know that amazed scary feeling while it is all going on. Nature can be truly awesome. Glad you back!

  4. Glad you are safe, welcome back! Valerie

  5. so glad to hear it Les, por birdies....

    i ve been on choke speed so no comments, having a big catch up today...


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