Friday, June 24, 2011

Does anyone know?

I have recently had to change my email address and I want to change logging into Blogger from my old email to another one,but, blogger won't allow it. Do you have to sign up for another blog in order to change it? I don't need another blog right now, this one is quite enough. I have been trying to figure this out before I call my old service provider to cancel my internet with them, I want to be able to sign in and out of my blog with my new email before cancelling. .
 If you can offer any help I sure would appreciate it.


  1. Hi Lesley

    I am not sure about this...but think you may have to go to 'edit profile' then click on 'my account' (top right)it will bring up a few things.One is 'personal settings' where you can change your email address. I think you will also have to go to 'multiple sign in'.
    Its says on the profile page that by changing your email address does not change your sign that is why I think you may have to go to the 'multiple sign in as well.
    Hope it makes sense!
    I have not done this so don't try until you feel it will work...or maybe someone else will have the right answer...good luck!

  2. i dont know Les , why dont you ask at the blogger help forum, they are usually pretty helpful :)

  3. Lesley I had to recently change my e-mail but didn't have any problem w have to go to your account settings I believe to change it. Good luck

  4. Sorry, not had to deal with this yet.

  5. Sorry, can't help you, and blogger is not always helpful. Perhaps under your oen profile? Valerie

  6. I'm not sure if you have already tried this... but I changed my email address, by ...
    Going to 'design' page (Top right)
    Then (top right) again Hit the 'My Account'
    This gives you an option to change your email or add an additional email on the right hand side..
    Hope this helps Les?

  7. Les, if you go to my account there are places to edit your emails and sign-ins. Mine allows me to sign in with a gmail account or my windstream account and actually sends the comments to windstream and to my yahoo account. Dumb? I have just never changed it, but I just went and looked and there is a place to edit all those settings.


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