Friday, May 20, 2011

An ARTCHIX Eco Shape Challenge

Happy Friday everyone and today is the start of our long weekend, Monday is Victoria Day.
JB and I will also be celebrating 20 years in this house. Seems almost yesterday we stepped into our house. What a mess, we wondered what we got ourselves into. Anyways a long story and not going to elaborate on it now.
I wanted so show you this cool Eco Shape, an arch with a door that is also a separate Eco shape from Artchix Studio. Recently I had placed an order and I received the arch and the door with instructions if I wanted to alter it or decorate it then place it on the Facebook page for all to see and a chance to win something.
Well here is my piece.
I covered the arch with some pink with blue flower scrap paper that has been hanging around for ages. Then I just lightly dry brushed the paper to tone the pink down with white acrylic paint. I added some gold German scrap after inking all the edges with some Turquoise ink. I then covered the door front and back part with the same paper but did not dry brush it as I wanted the door to stand out, I then painted the frame with Indian Turquoise acrylic paint and the eco shape cat that I had ordered. The I Love my Cat is also an Artchix image which is placed behind the door then attached to the Arch, and where the hole for the window is I placed an acrylic half bubble(which I also ordered)  so the cat's head can be seen through it. LOL
After the turquoise cat was painted I covered with a paint brush 2 layers of Turquoise Stickles then when that  was dry I applied a coat of Glossy Accents. I then found a pink bingo card that someone gave me but sure looks like an Artchix bingo card but not sure and cut out 4 numbers then placed it on the house then the cat in the center of it. I also added German Scrap at the bottom edge of either side of the door and at the top corners of the door frame. This was fun.
I have 2 pics here to show the door closed then the door open so you can see the full image.
Thanks for looking, now off to post on Facebook then I am going to make another post to show you a few other items I have been working on.

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