Friday, May 13, 2011

Winner of my Giveaway

Congratulations to the winner of my giveway....Valerie of Bastelmania aka CraftAttack.
Thank you so much everyone for dropping by, leaving lovely comments and wishing me birthday wishes.
I have emailed Valerie with info so when I receive your email back I will get your goody prize out to you following the weekend.
I have been one busy chick outside with hubs getting our veggie garden ready. There has been an explosion of carnivorous black flies. I am not sure if I hate mosquitoes or black flies more, they are equally something I do not care for. Weed control is outrageous but has to be done befoe tilling, gotta grab and toss those nasty root systems. Pansies are potted and placed on the deck, I bought some when I went to Loew's this week to up my supply for my key chains. I didn't feel so bad after buying something. I have a whack of them now they are so addicting. I will be posting some things over the weekend. Rain in the forecast so what a better way to catch up on challenges and create a bit too. 
Take care and thanks again for dropping by.
♥ Lesley ♥


  1. Congratulations to Valeria , what a wonderful prize :)

    i tried to leave a comment but have been on choke speed and unable to leave any comments and after a week of go slow, blogger was down for two days ...arrgh....

  2. Hi Lesley, you have made me one happy bunny! Thank you sooooo much. I will mail you my addy.
    Sounds like you have been busy, but what are black flies? They sound YUCK! I don't think we have them here! Thanks again, Lesley, and have a lovely weekend. Valerie

  3. Congrats Valerie... lucky you!! Les always does up such fantastic packages...

  4. Congratulations Valerie!
    ... like Jen, I've been unable to leave comments because of 'naughty' blogger!


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