Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I have to rumble

Maybe it's the heat, I don't complain too much, I keep a lot to myself in a lot of cases but today I am rumbling because it never fails. I recently got some income tax return money, and, thinking maybe now I can afford to get the wireless set up I have been wanting and I would have faster than this stupid snail speed dial up. Well today may have just ruined that very much anticipated thinking. I was going to town to do a few groceries and on my way the car started to hurk and jerk, not bad but I wasn't feeling comfortable about the drive so I immediately turned around and went home. I got hubs to take a peek and well one thing led to another and as he was going to take it for a test drive I noticed some oil on the driveway, but, it wasn't the good oil, it was transmission oil. So JB pulls back in as I am showing him and popped the hood and found out by the dip stick I had next to no transmission oil left and I could have really done in my engine had I not come home when I did. Anyways the ole Monte Carlo is in the shop and when they can look at it then they will call. I also have been putting off a new gas tank, I can only put in no more than half a tank and it all comes pouring out after half a tank. So needless to say, looks like all that money I got back is going to the car. I will have to wait for wireless for now. Never fails...you finally get a bit of money that you actually could use for yourself and then you end up giving it to someone else. Doesn't life work funny that way?Oh well at least I knew to come home, wasnt' stranded anywhere. Today is so humid and hot they were telling peeps to keep the animals indoors and stay cool and drink lots of fluids.
No one got hurt and I trusted my womanly instincts.
Ok enough rumbling, tomorrow will be a better day....at least I hope.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. Awww, that's just the pits! I hate to have money that I have targeted for something fun and then have to spend it on something aggravating like a dumb car!! Heck, it even makes me mad to have to buy gas!!! Hope your car gets better soon, and hope you can end up getting your internet upgraded. hugs :)

  2. Sorry about that! It always happens when we least need it! Hope tomorrow will be a brighter day for you. Hugs and sparkles, Valerie

  3. Never fails sweetie, you just get ahead and behind you go again.
    I've found the only good part of getting old (66 in July) is i'm sooooooooooo smart !
    Big Hugs

  4. Sorry to hear about your car Les... and glad that you weren't left stranded somewhere... really hope that somehow, you will still manage to have wireless connection... sometimes things come to us in ways we wouldn't think possible...
    wishing that for you :)))

    Jenny x


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