Monday, December 20, 2010

Remind me never to take up

Scrapbooking......I made a gift for my dear hubby and well it must have been the longest project I have ever made with paper.
I first had the idea last year for Christmas when he had turned 50 and we had been to a Maple Leafs Hockey game in Toronto on the actual day of his 50th. We had a nice dinner went to the game, took pics etc. Last fall before Christmas I had computer issues so my pictures were still on the old hard drive and I panicked because I couldn't get the pics off to do this project. So......I finally did manage to get the pics off and put them on disc and so this year I made what I wanted to last year.
I bought a 12x12 acrylic frame from my local scrapbook store and bought a 12x12 sheet of Toronto Maple Leaf official NHL paper. I kept our tickets all that time as well, and.... a sparkly part of a 50, I think the 0 part is what I had and located the 5 with much thought on how do I get it or find it without hubs knowing what I am doing.  Retrieved that, ok onto the project.
Well after fiddling, resizing pictures, placing this and that here and there I fianlly got it all laid out. No problem, must have taken me an hour just to sit and stare at things, is this supposed to happen when scrapbooking, a blank look of what do I do next or what am I supposed to do???? hmmmm how come this is becoming harder than it is supposed to be. Well after moving and cutting and placing then pushing things aside and almost giving in I just took off a few things, cut out a few flourishes from my Tim Holtz alterations Flourish Die and just went for it I finally got it all placed on the page. Now what and how do I keep things there where I want them so they won't move and will still fit? This is becoming way to difficult for a piece of 12x12 paper.  I carefully lifted pieces and put adhesive where I needed to and placed things behind things and over top of things and finally it was done. How long did that take me?.........3 hours, are your kidding me? I could have made a dozen cards or made some ATC's or cleaned the house.
Well at any rate I would show you all but it is wrapped up and I can't say it is probably a scrapbookers dream layout page but it will do and we had a great time and I hope JB likes it. It is placed safely in it's acrylic frame and will be either hung up or placed on a picture stand but that is it for me. I don't think scrapbooking is going to be something I will want to do anytime soon. Too much work, stress and running back and forth for supplies and many inquiries as to " what are you doing in there anyways"?
Do you have any projects or things that you run into during this holiday season that takes up way more time than you expected? Even wrapping presents is more enjoyable than this was. ACK, he better like it. LOL
Til next post, stay warm, safe, keep your wits about you and remember Tis the Season to be Jolly...falalalala


  1. haha you just summed up why i quit scrapbooking and went ino atcs lol
    so are we going to see pics?

    my fa la la ing is running out....

  2. Looking forward to seeing pics. I'm sure he'll love it! I don't see myself interested in this as well, although my daughter is. She has made me some lovely scrapbooks. To each his own! I must say that making the Advent Box took a lot longer than I anticipated. Preparing the 'drawers' took the most time!


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