Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lesley's 12 tags of Christmas-Day 2

Hello again, this is the continuation of my 12 tags of Christmas and today I am showing one of my favourite techniques. If you recall I did a tutorial on Inkjet Transfer then you will really like this tag and I encourage you to try this, even on a small tag.
I must stress in this tutorial the key is to be patient and allow your image to dry completely before trying to remove the backing paper. Also reverse your image before printing so that when it goes onto the tag it will be correct, or if you like don't reverse the image and you will get a flip result. No rules to art just reminders in case you get frustrated.
Ok here it is, I did the distress technique on my shipping tag using Broken China DI. Then I hit it with the heat gun to dry the tag. Then I found a nice vintage image from FlickR, resized it to fit on the tag. I used a good amount of Gel Medium and applied it to the tag and then put my image face down onto the gel area, be sure to use plenty of gel. It will dry so not worries about having too much. I do NOT recomment putting it directly onto the image itself as it may cause the inks to start to bleed so just press your image onto the gel, brayer it or smooth it out with your fingers and make sure all edges are secured.
LET IT DRY. Do several at one time or do some more tags or have a cup of tea.
I do NOT recommend a heat gun either , I tried that but it does not ensure that the image in all areas are completely dry and when you have to add water to the back of the image, it may roll right off the paper in spots and then you become frustrated. These are just things I learned along the way so just be patient.
I have also used Modge Podge for paper and it works as well. LET IT COMPLETELY DRY!!!!!
Ok your image is dry, now the fun part. Get a little dish and dampen our fingers and the back of the paper, you will start to see the image appear. Roll your fingers around starting in the center. DO NOT start on the edges but in the center. Keep rolling and brushing away the bits of backing from the paper. Keep doing this and follow the tutorial with pics in the link I provided at the top of this post.
Ok now let the image dry and you can work around it. I printed off a verse for my tag, inked the edges with my same DI Broken China . I found some fun foam snowflakes and added some Diamond Stickles. Then I used some Starform translucent border, this stuff is great, it is repositionable so if it doesn't go quite where you want it you just carefully lift it off the paper and no tearing. Just smooth it down with your fingers after you get it where you want it. I bordered all around the image.
Ok now for one final little detail I did on this. The inkjet tranfers are sometimes a little faded so I took some pencil crayons and just lightly coloured back in the coats on the children and the leggings or pants. I even added a bit of pink to their cheeks. Make sure again your image is completely dry before coloring.
Then I added my snowflakes, ripped a bit of music paper and inked the edges added some blue fiber, oh and I added some snowflakes with my stylus dipped in white acrylic paint and that was it. I really like how this one turned out. Just may have to do another one of these or similar.
Ok everyone, remember leave a comment each tag post and I will be keeping track.
Thanks for dropping by and stay tuned for Day 3 of Lesley's 12 tags of Christmas


  1. it looks lovely Les, you always get the image transfers to work... i like the coloring in too...

  2. As usual beautiful work! Luv, luv Mum

  3. Great idea on the image transfer! It's on my list to try - your tips are great. Lovely tag!

  4. Beautiful tag, I like the transfer!

  5. I love this tag, thank you for the tutorial for the ink jet image transfer and great idea to put a little colour back into them. Gorgeous


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