Friday, December 10, 2010

12 Tags of Christmas-#8

I appologize for not doing a tag yesterday, again got busy, hockey game last night and I was wanting to get up early to go shopping before a mad rush this morning.

So here we go with tag #8...
This tag I started out with a piece of tan cardstock and covered it with torn bits of paper and used gel medium to adhere and overlap all the bits down, let the gel medium dry,Then I painted a very light coat of white acrylic paint to cover the paper but allowing you to see all the little different papers I used.. I let it dry completely before continuing on.  I then stamped and embossed using black EP to do the birds. On the edges of the tag I scribbled a leaf green, lime green and sort of a Christmas red oil pastels in variations on the edges only then using a different finger or clean the same finger between colours start smudging and moving the colours around and blend the hard edges together so one colour goes into the next. Then if you are still not happy take a tissue and rub a bit off or just leave it, if you want more colour just scribble a bit of that colour and rub again. I then took a piece of cardstock that I had made a flourish from my CB and used the cut out piece as a stencil and took my red pastel and smooshed it in and around the stencil part. I didn't lift it off until I was happy where the colour was and tried not to have too many hard edges but when I did lift it off I was careful not to rub again distorting the flourish. The next thing I did was set the pastels by spraying some hairspray on it and it kind of seals the pastels and it won't rub off if you put it away for keeps or storage. Learned that trick from Jenxo. Then I still needed something so I added little hats to each bird as they are having a wonderful festive party all lined up on their branch and I put Stickles on their little pompons. I added a bit of white gel pen along the top of the branches for a bit of dimension and I also (forgot to mention above)put a bit of gray pastel to the  right of each bird to make it look like they are 3-D. I then added a little string of bulbs I have had in my stash for something and thought the tag needed something else so I strung up some lights for them and a few punched out flowers with some pearls.
That is it. A lot of wind to explain that one but it was rather easy just some time waiting for it to dry. This gave me an idea for the Inkurable Stampers Challenge for this month's theme so I will be posting a card I made after I post my next tag.
I am reading everyone's comments and I am so glad you are enjoying my take on the tags and hope to inspire you to make some with what you have.
PS I have not forgotten the fibers it is just easier to scan. All tags will be completed with fibers or ribbon.
Thanks for dropping by and keep commenting, the tags are winding down now....L


  1. so glad you are using your pastels, the colors are unreal! love this one very much....

  2. I like the colours in this one, the chalks give it a lovely softness.

  3. How did I miss this one?! Cheeky! I love it!!


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