Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2 posts tonight-#1

This first post is to show you some Christmas gifties that I have made and I know I am so addicted to these little pockets my friend Jenxo made a few days ago. Although I didn't do exactly what she did but I did for the most part most of it. I struggle with doing lacey frilly stuff and hers are so beautiful but I changed up mine a bit to be more festive for the season.
Sometimes I like to give someone a little something just to say Merry Christmas and it doesn't mean I am expecting a gift back, I seem to have inherited a trait from my mother about Giving. I love to make and give things so I just may be sending a few of these out and although they may reach destinations a little late it still would be nice to get a little something from Santa even a week or so after the holidays.
So here are some pockets that I hope you will enjoy. I used some scraps of prepped canvas I had from making my stockings so they came in handy for the back part of the pockets and the front I used scraps of paper from cardmaking and I actually covered up the stitching but that's ok. I lucked out and found some sparlky chenille ( I call them pipe cleaners still) at the dollar store in lovely colours. I used inks on some of these and the Santa my fav has some pastels. Take a look over at the loverly Jen's blog, she has some great Christmas ideas and very easy to make. I like easy and quick this time of year. I stuffed these with a few little choccies and a candy cane. They look so cute hanging on the tree. Thanks for sharing that tut Jenxo.

 And below I have a CD calendar that I saw on another blog and thought hey, they would make a great gift.
I made 2 of these but not the same for some male family members and they are both going to Formula 1 in Britain this next coming year. Here is the link to get all the info you need.
I didn't have a stamp for the checkerboard background so I made my own out of fun foam. I cut thin strips then cut little squares from the strips. I added glue stick glue all over the surface of my acrylic stamp block then started spacing my little foam squares til I had the number I needed to create a checkered pattern. I stamped away the top part to break up the white cardstock I used. I got the images from a few websites and then just printed the pics off on glossy photo paper. Once I had an idea what I wanted to make it all when quite quickly. The most time was cutting out each month and making sure it all matched up to fit inside the CD Case. The stand is easy to do as well. It will tell you all you need to know at the site but you open the case up take it apart  turn one piece of the case around so you have a little lip at the bottom and snap it back to where it was originally only flipped. The calendar sits on an angle and the fits nicely on a workstation or desk.
I hope these guys really like them. I am actually quite proud how they turned out. Wish I had more time I would have done a lot more but I am on the countdown now for shopping , cards I haven't even sent out, too busy making cards for gifts and so on.
Well that is it for this post. I am off to post my next tag for the 12 tags of Christmas.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. oooh ooh oohh what a great post oyur pockets , they are so cheery and bright, love all the colors with bright candy canes. i still call them pipe cleaners too!!!i love em!

    cute tag today too, love that snowglobe ...
    the cd calendar is a great too, you certainly have been busy, my things might late too im posting on Saturday....

  2. Lovely little pockets, they would be good to pop the store gift cards in which always look a little cold just poked in a a store-bought Christmas card


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