Monday, September 27, 2010

What happened to Customer Service????

I am slowly getting things done and prepared both for home and going away next week to see my dear Dad.
Today I tried to book a  hotel room by phone and was put on hold for the reservation desk. I saw the prices online assuming they were the same prices if you called in because I wanted to get directions from the airport to the hotel as well and just familiarize myself with the general area I wanted to be in to see my dad in the home.
Well when I finally get to talk to the person who was going to take my reservation and I say " going to" this woman I could tell already had attitude. I explained the number of nights that I needed and I saw a price online and wondered if that is the price just to confirm. She said no that was a AAA or CAA pricing. I said no where did that say that online it just said a price. Ok then I said, can you give me that price anyways since I am staying 3 nights, she got all snotty and said no that is the price for CAA or AAA. I said well it didn't say that, then she said well if you pay up front with your credit card you can get that price, I said ok with card in hand I was all prepared. No she said I can't do that on the phone you have to do that online. Talk about run around and a price is a price is it not? Anyways I went back online and oh I did get my answer to the question about location from the airport but with some snarliness. I tell you if it weren't for the fact I have a small kitchenette in my room and the price was right I don't think it would have been my choice of hotel but.... location location location as well.
I guess I was asking too many questions. Anyways this is just pre flight ramblings before next week.
I hope that you don't encounter any alien attitude of the 3rd kind today. I thought Customer Service was the  in thing now a days but I was plumb mistaken.
Lots of stuff to do before I go...til next post.....
Have a super day.

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