Friday, September 24, 2010

What do pizza box, toothpicks and bookpages have in common?

Recycle, reuse and new is the theme for these ornies, I used a pizza box for the backing of the ornies, covered with old book pages and made a frame from  new and unused toothpicks. I assembled the frames first by gluing 3 toothpics together with a good sturdy glue, Aleene's Tacky Glue. Make sure you make groupings of 4 to form a frame. Let all the toothpics groups of 3 dry completely before painting. I just painted them one coat of burnt umber for a prim and distressed look. While the paint is still wet you could sprinkle a little cinnamon on them to grunge them up and added smell. Yummy. I applied the bookpages to my little squares of pizza box, on the shiny side of the box then the plain cardboard will be on the backside as you know everyone at craft shows flips things over to see how finished the backs are. I learned that a longggggg time ago.
When the paper is dry, paint your little goodies on the paper. After all your paintings are complete, glue the frame on, add a little ribbon at the top for hanging on the tree. Give as a teachers gift, sell at craft shows, apply to a gift etc. They are fun to make with kids if you have any. Rosie my cat helped me, she is a good supervisor and I paint her whiskers with water on the brush and she loves it. What a creative cat.

Next is a recycled cupboard door I have had in my stash. I love this pattern so I dug it out of my many magazines and painted this. This pattern is by Marnie Perry and is quick and easy and a lot of fun. I found an old door handle so need to clean it up and repaint it and I will attach it to the one side of the door and add a little tag. I have done cupboard doors before and they are quite popular sellers.

And my little muffin tin gingers. Sorry the pic isn't the best. I had lighting issues this day, I believe it was cloudy and inside wasn't allowing for good lighting. I am not photographer.
The faces are from a stencil, they are great for snowmen or ginger faces so here I did up ginger faces.
I still have to drill a hole at the top and put my homespun hanger on so you can hang it in your kitchen. Again a great seller.

And that is it for now.
I have booked my trip to Western Canada to see Dad in early October so I am scrambling to get some paper things and some painting done. I plan to take some inchie stuff with me for the evenings once I get to wind down. I have to keep my hands busy or I will go crazy for 4 days.
Thanks for dropping by.
I always appreciate your comments and love to visit your blogs as well.
So many of you keep me inspired.
Til next time, be happy.


  1. wow .. everything looks great.. you sure will have a booth full.. just had to come and check on computer withdrawal is going better..

  2. ill be pinching this idea!!lol

    you are going to have a wonderful stall come Christmas.... tfs xxx

  3. Everything looks fantastic as usual Les. You'll have plenty of stock this year!


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