Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some painted ATC's

Over at ATC for Beginners we have a monthly themed lottery. A theme is picked by the winner of the previous month then those that participate are eligible to win all the ATC's. So July I won and then I picked the theme for August and of course Sunflowers being my favourite flower and I have a lot of them in my garden right now it seemed a nice way to say goodbye to summer.
I haven't played with paper seems like forever but I had to sneek some sunflower cards in for out winner this month, Jenny. I painted both cards, the first one a Terrye French design with some sunflowers and of course a little crow in there and the 2nd card I painted the background like a seedpacket then I had some sunflower paper tole pages so I cut 2 out and layered it on top of the background. I sure hope Jenny likes them.

And I am not lacking for painting surfaces now or ideas, I have been prepping canvas, spraying plates and bottles outside while the weather is still warm and things can cure so painting on them is easier.
Lots to do still before November.
I also hope to be able to go out to BC to see my elderly father late September so lots to do before I go.
The trip out west isn't usually a long one, about 4 or 5 days. Dad took ill after my Mum passed away and now resides in a long term care facility. Dad suffers from dementia and it is heartbreaking to see a once productive man fall victim to this disease.
Anyways I will keep blogging for now and hope you come to visit often.
Take care of yourself and each other.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. What lovely cards! I know Jenny will love them. Sorry about your Dad. I have a similar situation with my 93 year old Dad who is 500 miles away.

  2. Beautiful Art Cards. I so know the pain of a parent with dementia. I lost my Mom to that horrible illness. I always felt she was gone before she died. My prayers are with you on your visit. :) Yeah for sunflowers.

  3. Oh my gosh *squeal* I LOVE LOVE LOVE these cards Les...I adore your painting and now I have my own little piece of it...thank you so much, how lucky am I :)
    Sorry to hear about your dad too Les, it must be very hard...

    Jenny x

  4. What beautiful cards love your artist work. Sorry to hear about your dad my mother also has dementia. My prayers are with you and your family.

  5. ooh pretty sunflowers... love them.. nice to play with paper too.. I know I miss it..

  6. Love them!!! You did a great job!!! My favorite is the sunflower seeds =)


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