Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Years and 20 years

Wow another year gone and what did I do?
This year will be a more productive year around the house, organizing, cleaning out and maybe talk JB into wall papering the kitchen. Time for some fresh beginnings, rearrange furniture in a square foot challenged house and tyding up things that have either been forgotten or put on a lengthy to do list that never gets done.
I would also like to explore some new avenues in my art, since my big fall show is no longer taking place I will have to find a couple more places to sell my wares at Christmas. I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to sell my things at HomeSpun Hill but now it is time to move on and perhaps expose my art in other avenues and meet up with like minded people. I did enjoy painting primitive style and folk art but I would like to touch on other subjects as well and since this is now open to me I think I will try some different styles.
I have a couple challenges set  for this year, one is to make a greeting card a day so when Christmas arrives next year I will have almost 365 cards completed. Usually if I sit to make one I do try to make another one, and the plan is if I miss a day then the day I do make cards I will make up for that lost day. I will keep you all posted to hopefully you can encourage me to keep this challenge going. Sometimes I mean well but then I get distracted or no longer interested.
The second challenge is to start painting for my fall shows earlier and not wait til September or late August like I have done the last couple of years. My goal is to make enough for Christmas shopping and that is all I really want to do but with the price of things now a days you really need to have a nice little supply.
Currently over at The Friendly Palette one of our members suggested we make a list of 20 things to be completed in 20 days or basically for the month of January. I started a list and didn't quite get 20 things yet but I have completed 2 and almost a 3rd item. This is part of my clean out and tidy up part of my resolution.
I really don't believe in resolutions much, resolutions are like rules meant to be broken. People mean well and have great enthusiasm at first but like me get distracted or disinterested but having a list like a grocery list is more my style. So perhaps I can call it my New Years List.

Jan 1 also marks JB and I being together 20 years. Wow, where has the time gone?. We have spent a lot of time together, we are best friends and will do anything we need for each other. My partner in life, Happy Anniversary JB.

And to all my Blogging friends and family have a safe and Happy New Year.
May you all be blessed with good health, love and a prosperous New Year.

Now off to get ready for Canada Juniors to play the US in the world cup tournament of hockey.
Go Canada Go.....


  1. Happy New Year's to you! I will certainly enjoy seeing you come up with 365 cards. They could be sold also along with your decorative painting goods.

    Congratulations on making it for 20 years. Hope you have twice that to go.

  2. Happy New Year to you Lovely Les :)
    ...and a Happy Anniversary to you & JB! Congrats on making 20yrs!!
    Good luck with your Christmas card challenge, perhaps I should set myself a similar challenge, as I left it too the last minute, and was still making cards the week before Christmas!!
    All the Best for 2010 x

    Smifferoo x


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