Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Canvas Remix inspired by Alisa Burke

Hi Everyone,
well it was a nice holiday it came and it went just like that. All that mad rushing around, finding the right gifts, mailing out cards and parcels, baking, planning and all gone in a week. Phew....
I sort of took it easy over the holiday and today I was headed for a day of creativity and I sat down to do a few things and my mind isn't into it. I started to stare at things and decided it isn't working today.
Yesterday I had to see my endocrinologist in another town so a 3pm appt landed me home almost 6pm so needless to day the day wasn't very productive either. Oh and the card a day...well so far 3 cards have been made but last night I got card bases cut so I have a few to really dive into so I have to get cracking on those to catch up. Needless to say today it didn't happen either but it may later or it may not.
I have been a follower of Alisa Burke's blog and I am quite taken with her recent book Canvas Remix. I bought myself the book after my fall craft show and I have really enjoyed the descriptive techniques. Most of them I already know from working with wood and applying some of them to canvas has really opened up some possibilities for me. I worked on these little either makeup bags for your purse or a change purse or whatever you want during Christmas even tho I really didn't do  a lot of creating. These I worked on over several days and finally yesterday I got them finished and wanted to share the finished look with you.

My Mumsy was generous enough to give me a whole bolt of canvas that she no longer needed and I accepted it without hesitation, at the time now knowing what to use it for, either canvas floorcloths or something like grocery bags etc. Take a look at these.....(click pic for larger view)

These little pouches are made from canvas, painted with acrylics. I made my own stamps some houses some flowers and the other graffiti type are my wild and crazy ones all freehand.
I also stitched all edges using a zigzag stitich and used big buttons and instead of using grommets or snaps I used velcro dots to open and close with some added adhesive to secure.
This is a lot of fun and I really like the graffiti ones.
I always thought graffiti was a way of others to either shout for help or just needed a venue to vent frustration or just let it all come out. Well I can tell you after the holidays this is what I did and I really enjoyed the graffiti style, I just slapped the paint on then painted on my letters then went around them with a black permanent marker.
Mum give me a spray can and a wall lets go do some graffiti art now. LOL

My 100th blog post is coming soon and I may just be having a giveaway so keep coming back to see what the prize or prizes might be.
Well off to see what I can get into now.
Not sure the creativity bug has hit yet but it may, one never knows.


  1. These are just darling! Really neat!

  2. its a wonderful book les, so very inspirational. I love what you have done, i really like the iphone holders in that book too.

    i love to slap paint around its so very realaxing. no wonder grafitti is so big....and some of those kids are sooo talented. I love looking at it on the train into Melb, sure brightens up those dull concrete walls,
    keep going with those cards...love that idea too, jenxo

  3. oh my goodness I LOVE THESE!! They are sooo charming!!

  4. Wonderful job Les. Very creative.

  5. I really like these Les. You did a fantastic job!!

  6. Cute little purses. Sometimes its fun to just take a project and run with it and then be done - a mini series.

  7. Very cute envelopes pouches the person that receive a card in one of these envelopes will be smiling. All I can say is lovely.


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