Sunday, January 10, 2010

Out of commission

Hello my dear friends. I am afraid that I am having computer issues, not being able to see pictures of any kind so I will not be posting much until I resolve the problem. I thought it was Internet Ex. but I downloaded Firefox and I am still having these issues. I have been to the Microsoft website and done all that I can think of humanly possible and I am at a loss. I will probably have to take my hard drive in to see what is up because after 2 days I am at my wits end.
Therefore I will not be able to visit and comment on your blogs til further notice.
Hopefully it is something very simple that can be rectified quickly.
Until then, stay warm, safe and keep creating.


  1. Darn ... technology is wonderful until it doesn't work properly. I'm sure it will be easily fixed. Good vibes coming your way. :)

  2. Hope the problem is not too serious Lesley. Looking forward to seeing you back soon. Keep the motivation going for the card a day personal challenge. Maybe I should do something like that.... I'm off to make a card LOL!

  3. Can't imagine what is going on with your pictures thing. The video card? That would be better than the hard drive. Hope it's taken care of soon for you. But, if you can't do the computer you might get to your cards! At least that is always my hope - that if I would actually get off the computer I would get my artwork done. I need to make a batch of cards too, work on beading, knit my sisters socks, finish a journal for a class and a whole slew of other things. What gets done gets done! YOU stay warm up there where it's so cold!


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