Saturday, December 5, 2009

HoHoHo in Stouffville

        Yesterday I took off to Stouffville north of Toronto to visit Mumsy and Thom and the 2 cats.
I had a wonderful time. We shopped, had lunch in a Thai restaurant, shopped some more, met a lovely Italian couple where we had real cappucino and I was even taught how to make it and received from this new found friend Jessie a little pot from Italy to make it in. Wowsa talk about good.
We had a nice dinner out last night then came home to chat and visit.
This morning I was awakened to being served cappucino Mum made, in bed. Wow talk about a little spoilage happening. Might have to do this again sometime soon. :)
Mum and I went shopping in a different little town and I met some wonderful people Mum has gotten to know, had a wonderful lunch again then we returned to Stouffville to shop just a bit more.
My time to leave was coming near so we got the car all packed up, and I mean packed, trunk full back seat, front seat, you name it, I might have had it.
Thom gave me some wonderful items, a large wooden spool, I have ideas for that, a huge tin pale, a cast iron vase on a pedestal, a terra cotta cat for the deck next summer and a milk can and ......a huge crock with a lid. Mom and Thom thank you soooo very much for your hospitality and love.
Thom and I had a good couple of laughs at the expense of Mum, poor Mumsy but she took it in good stride.
Wonder if that item will appear tonight now that I am gone. he he
Now that I have given Mum this box I can show you what I painted for her.
This is a rectanguar box with a lid, it is not hinged, and I know Mum loves old world Santa's. This is more a primmy Santa but he has an armful of toys and such. I mixed the background paint for a vintage look then painted this Katrina Roncin design on it. I also filled the box with some little treasures, my inchie Santa cube, a notebook I altered, and some Christmas cards I made.
This item I wanted her to have before Christmas so don't go peeking into you bags now that I am gone. I might have to get Thom to keep tabs on her, if it were me you would want to lock those up because I would want to feel and smell everything. I am just just a little kid with packages that just cry out to be opened. Perhaps that is why JB won't put my pressies out til Dec. 24 because he knows I can't stand just to look.
2 can play at that game tho. He he
Today Mum and I also got our picture taken with Santa so as soon as Mother sends it to me, hint hint, I will post it here. We couldn't do it before because of circumstances such as they were so we did it today. He was a nice Santa too.
Thanks again Mum and Thom, Alley and Sophie for having me and all the wonderful things you do for me.
I love you.
Also for rescuing me when I got a little lost. Ooops we won't go there right now, it is another story and would take a while to explain that one.
Thank goodness for cell phones is all I can say.
Good night.


  1. Sound like you had a lovely time les! :)
    ...and WOW, your Santa Box is just Gorgeous!!!- you are so talented girlie!! I love your Santa and his armful of pressies! :)
    Smifferoo x

  2. comment on wrong post. this is hte santa i love. =0))

    barbara jean

  3. oh i love hearing your day,the good and the bad!
    great santa....jenxo

  4. OMGosh ... I love this santa. You are so talented. He's great!

  5. Santa is in a good home now. Mum loves Santa's.
    Thank you girls for commenting.

  6. Thank you for visiting my blog:)

    I loved reading yours its so miuch fun to read about peoples lives as well as seeing their wonderful art.

    I love love love your santa box ....

    I found Yule a struggle too.... hope you are going to do one for Carols!

    Have a lovely day


  7. That's a very nice box you painted for your mother. Glad you had a fun time with her too. I have no problem waiting to open gifts as I don't want Christmas to be over too soon. I can't however, stay away from all the goodies. That's why I haven't baked any yet.


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