Sunday, November 21, 2010

Show report and now some down time

Hello blogger friends and family.
Craft show season is now over for another year. So much work and preparation and anticipation for what to expect. Rattled nerves and excitement. I survived it all with a few hitches here and there.
I had fun, I met some wonderfully talented people out there and I received many positive compliments on my work. To me that mean more than you can know.
Sales were not what I expected to be honest but the economy like many places is not the best here. Factories have closed down and most retail jobs hire people on four hour shifts so many people with families come to working more than one job. Too bad but that is the way it is.
I had some goals set but unfortunately they were not met but on the flip side I made a few contacts and even had a few ladies ask if I taught painting. I did a very long time ago to a few girls I knew when I was working and some neighbour friends but then painting sort of died out.
 I had really no competition at the show except for one girl who tole painted but she had totally different style and items than I did so really it wasn't that bad.
 Back to these women who asked if I taught I gave them my card that I made up and we will see if they call after the New Year. I am not really a pushy person so I will let them contact me and if they lose interest and don't want to bother then I don't have to go contacting and feeling like I am pressuring them.
I also met a girl at the show I had not seen in almost 20 years. We used to work in a retail store at the mall and when I hear Roseanne's voice then saw her face I immediately recognized her. Unfortunately we didn't get too much visiting in as she was volunteering in the kitchen plus she had a table to run with her family so I am sure I will hear from her via email. Please Roseanne if you read my blog contact me as I really want to keep in touch.
And.....through Facebook a girl I went to school with 30 years ago...yikes did I really type that???? Sherry contacted me and came to the show around noon then left just before the end of it. We chatted and had a good catch up visit. Sure made time go by and she looks the same and her smile is just so warm just like her personality. I know we will be keeping in touch.
Well during my show and Sherry was there I had to use the ladies room so I ventured off found the restrooms and walked in did my business and came out of the stall. I was washing my hands and to my horror I saw a reflection of urinals????? did I see that right??? I turned my head around and yup there they were all lined up....urinals. Well I never washed my hands so fast then I got to the entrance of the washroom and looked up and down the hall, the coast was clear, phew I will walk out real fast. No one noticed and all is good. Can you believe it??? I was sure I saw a skirt on that sign. Nope it didn't have one....I looked when I came out. Well that wasn't the first I can now say it was probably my second or so time I have been in the men's washroom but when you gotta go you gotta go.
And here is a pic of my friend Sherry and a pic of my table.
The table was 8 feet and I thought I could have had another one but maybe it was just as well I didn't. Peeps were looking, sales were low but nothing of one particular thing.
I sold a sled, some inchie tree ornies, wood ornies, canvas stocking, signs, canvases and many other things I can't remember them all, oh those wreaths with the snowmen with bird house hats all sold they were very popular this season. Must do some of them for next year.
Well thanks for dropping by. Now a bit of down time but Christmas is coming so I will be back to card making, sending gifts out very soon, catching up on ATC challenges and the like.
Stay tuned everyone and thanks for dropping by.


  1. Your stall looks beautiful Lesley :)

  2. Booth looks great.. glad you had a good time even though the sales weren't as much as you wished.. but all the contacts etc.. who know..
    p.s. I should have stayed home


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