Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My wish list.....

1. More time
2. more hands
3. Wish I didn't have to eat
4. No sleep
5. blink and everything would be done
6. I want my Mumsy.....

this is just a short list I have compliled but gradually things are getting done for my next show. I have been at it pretty much  non stop since my last show and this show is supposed to be very busy with lots of peeps.
I had many items to complete, sewing involved, how did that happen? Sorry Mumsy but I had to use glue , you know that works great on hems, might have to try that on my jeans sometime. Making more tags and more painting was all packed in since 2 weeks ago.
I have some new items to show you and a couple more to add for another post. Lighting was not good this time of night and these stockings I made  I  am so happy with how they turned out. My Mum gave me a bolt of canvas last year and I made some cute stockings then painted on them. Unfortunately lighting was an issue and my pics turned out blurry so hopefully tomorrow I can do a better job.
Without further are some more things to add to my stock for this next show.
Monika Brint is a huge fan of mine as well as Terrye French. Monika has always caught my interest with her snowmen designs and her angels I just love.
I added the wording and made a stamp out of fun foam and stamped the music notes in black acrylic paint.

I just received this e-pattern from Monika and enlarged it and put this cute snowman on canvas. It was a lot a bit more painting than I really had time for but I just loved this pattern. I enjoy the heavy dry brushing but it really does do a number on your brushes, but, much worth it in the end.

And here is a little design I put together which I was inspired by something I saw not too long ago but I put my own elements together.  I used a Katrina Roncin candy cane and Sandy Holman snowmen headsfor this and I added a wire to the snowpeep with the ear muffs. This was fun, I did 6 sets of these, I almost hope I have a set left over because I think it would look cute on a wall or door in our house. If not I can alway paint one, yeah right.....LOL

Well it is rather late and my eyes are tired, but my mind keeps busy thinking and organizing.
Only 2 things left to complete, 2 painted recycled jars with trees in them and the lights have to be strung on them. That can wait til tomorrow.
Thanks for dropping by and til next post,
be happy, be healthy, be creative
and enjoy the blessing of each day.
Each day is a gift from God.


  1. Leslie your wish list sounds like mine and then some! I love all your pieces........Hugs,Lynn

  2. Everything looks so nice, Les! I love it all, but really love that candy cane! Good luck with your show, you should do well. Sleep is really over-rated you know.


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the candy cane piece. All fabulous work. Have a super show! :)


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