Monday, November 8, 2010

Post craft sale report

Well my first sale is over and it was not the best but it was nice to meet some new peeps and get out in the circuit again. I made some new friends, at least I hope we keep in touch through email until next fall.
The woman who hosted the show Kim and her hubby Claude are really nice people and they have a wonderul daughter who had a little area where she sold items as well.
I have to thank both Kim and Claude for including me and I have been asked to return next year and I will.
Our area has been hit  hard with unemployment like so many places and so I believe peeps were holding onto purse strings and wanting  to spend less and  get smaller items.
I must say I did sell a few of those tea light card and some ornies and a canvas and some other wood painted items. I did fairly well considering the small crowds.
I have less than 2 weeks to prepare for my next show and won't have to restock too much but I will be busy getting ready for it so if I don't post much you know where I will be.
Today I just fiddled around the house and then decided to take a nap. Something about laying on our couch for a minute then the blanket sort of covered me then I sort of turned my head and drifted off. Guess  I have been putting in late nights, getting up early and just trying to cram what time I do have into the day or evening.
I also cannot stand time change whether I am travelling west or the seasonal time change here. My body really does not like it. Even an hour really throws me off. Oh well another day or two and I will be adjusted but man I feel like I could go to bed now and stay there til morning.
Well off to make more things. I do have a pic of my set up but it isn't very big and the lighting was poor at the time but Kim set up a light above my table Friday night before the show started on Saturday. We all brought a dish or plate of something and had potluck for the weekend. The food and kinship was wonderful.
I fit right in and met some really nice talented ladies.
Well til next time.....keep healthy and happy and go make something.

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  1. The economy and people with worries about paying bills, doesn't mix well with art shows. Darn. I'm glad it was a success, as your items were fantastic. I'll be doing a show next week, I'm sure it will have a similar outcome. But love the kinship and fun with other crafters too. Best wishes on your next outing! :)


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