Monday, August 2, 2010

A painted Splatter screen and another sled

This is a new pattern offered on the Painting with Friends blog that I ordered and received via e-pattern from Terrye French. A good friend of mine Marie was sent the line drawing from Terrye ,who then painted it, made any line drawing adjustments, then explained all the details on how to paint the design.Then Terrye makes up the e-pattern and they can be purchased either on Marie's site ( the designs she has painted)or over  at Painting with Friends where you can find other artists contributions.  When I saw this pattern I knew exactly what I wanted to paint it on. It really turned out better than I had planned. Although splatter screens are a little hard on the brushes I really enjoyed the surface. I bought 4 of these at the dollar store recently just to have in my stash and I think I may be painting up a few more designs. I added a bit of homespun at the top and it can be easily hung by the hole on your kitchen wall.
If you are interested in any patterns from Painting with Friends visit the NEW blog and you can find all the details over there.
Marie has painted a few patterns now  and you can see her and many of her own e-patterns and creations on her blog.

And next is a smaller sled that I finished up the other day and this is a Jamie Mills Price penguin. Her patters show a lot of expression on the faces of her characters, that is why I like them. They are so friendly and just make you smile. Sorry I don't have a link to show you at the moment but I can get it for you in case you would like to take a peek at her books and pattern packets. Jamie is a real contributor to decorative painting, she makes it fun and her detail is wonderful.

Well until next time we meet. I hope you had a nice long weekend. I know I sure did.
Create and be happy.
Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Wow Lesley! Love them both....good to see you with the brushes flying!

  2. Fantastic job Les! Thanks so much for linking my site =) Keep that paint brush movin' Love looking at your work!

  3. the paint sure has been flying.... love that face too....

  4. You've just made me realize how much I miss painting Lesley! You're doing a lovely job on these!

  5. Lovely painting Lesley and now I will start painting again.


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